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  • main_ledge_miner main_ledge_miner Nov 4, 2004 12:27 PM Flag

    Bush Accepts!!

    Here are a few out-takes that did not make Bush's acceptance speach.

    "Thank you P. Diddy and your 9mm Glock. Your "Vote or Die" campaign had college aged people running for their basements in fear. Yes, you really are a thug, original G.

    Thank you also to Bruce Springsteen. Your concerts galvanized America's youth; they came to listen to music but got your bullsh8t instead. You are a real class act. 911 "inspires" you to cut a lousy CD, re-form the E Street Band and hit the road. Tickets were only $150 each! What could be more American?

    A big shout out to the Rev. Jessie Jackson! You are beginning to look more like a road-kill catfish every day. Halloween is over... take off the mask!

    Thanks George Soros. The $25 million you dropped in this election did wonders for the economy. Whispers numbers regarding this week's job growth are approaching 170,000. The Bush recovery continues!!!

    Hats off to Bill Clinton, who got off his sick bed to remind the Nation of his cheatin' ways. Golly, you could not even deliver Arkansas for Kerry. One question, Cialis or Viagra?

    Yo Michael Moore! Your movie exposed the leftist media for what it really is. But hey, who has time to tell the truth when there are so many pizzas to eat? And what are you hiding underneath that punk arss baseball cap? A pair of horns?

    Dan Rather. Is there any truth to the rumor you are Michael Moore's Mini-me?

    And lastly, Theresa Kerry, you multi-lingual sound byte machine. Your kind words and inspiring life story had us all reaching for a tissue. Not! I guess its your turn to shove it!"

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