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  • donjuantherapper donjuantherapper Apr 6, 2005 9:32 AM Flag

    idiots, cray is rising....see you at $4


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    • It is amazing that yesterday and today 2 big sales were announced and most of the posters on this board did not even comment on it. They continue with their non-cray discussions on every subject on earth except Cray. Why don't you people take your unrelated messages to Yahoo's General message board so that some of us shareholders can have meaningful discussion about Cray? After all this suggestion is fair and easy to do. One of you establish a message board for your group which is very easy to do, then announce the info so that all your buddies will join you there. That would leave the Cray board for Cray shareholders which has been the intention of Yahoo to begin with.

      please give my suggestion a considerate thought. I have not been nasty and have not insulted you guys. I am just asking in a nice way to consider an alternative that could work for every body. Thanks.

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