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  • public_psychologist public_psychologist Jul 28, 2005 3:54 PM Flag

    Civics 202 - Clarification from Tax Law

    >> Say Doc, where to hell did ya get the "Pork Funding" for that project? Did ya siphon it of from some black account, that was slated for Cray? <<

    Part of a grant associated with the No Child Left Behind act. Instead of actually using $$$ to pay for schools and teachers, it is realatively easy to create a tie-in for something bogus like Advanced Studies of Educational Theory.

    First you find a successful, conservative, black front-man to promote his right-wing views of education and society, schedule some photo-ops with Sen. Santorum to get him to carry the torch and then step back and lap up the gravy.

    Figure on a 15% payoff for your front-man ("research assistant") when detailing your proposal.


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