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  • darrel812 darrel812 Sep 28, 2006 5:06 PM Flag

    This is NOT about the USA in Iraq

    >>The global Jihad was going on before Iraq and would have continued, regardless.<<
    It's been going on for thousands of years.
    >>Iraq is where the main battle is being waged.<<
    It wasn't be for Bush invaded. The 9-11 mastermind was not in Iraq and they had no connection.
    So what is the real reason Bush hates Iraq?
    >>By the way, they'd saw your head off in a second, infidel.<<
    May be so but I would not have sent in a token force to retaliate against the neighbor of the guy who hit me. That would be like me being so mad at you I go over and hit i_cant_handle_it or Ed for that matter. How would that help. Bush went after the wrong guy and you can't see that. Not only that he let the real guy go and helped his family get out of America after 9-11 - - - WHY?

    The Big D

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