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  • are_u_real2000 are_u_real2000 May 6, 2009 7:43 AM Flag

    UK bans Michael Savage and others

    Mike U R right!
    Think government doesn't control U-Think again! and again!
    USA went into a sovereign nation. Removed their leader and hung him. Killed his children. Took his money! Killed a few of his friends. \
    Why can't it be done with CEOs and their executives and families?
    Where do they live? Michael Strauss, 50, who lives in Southampton, N.Y

    Give your tax money away why? Maybe the politicans and their families receive the usual 20-30% kick back. That money is gone in one week.
    Invert the pyramid and put the weight of the little guys on top of the high priced do nothing executives!
    Do not pay outstanding credit cards! Bailout to follow!
    Do not pay on credit default swaps! They are not regulated and therefore should not be enforce!

    'WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve was scrambling to prevent a "contagion" from infecting the nation's financial system when it took unprecedented actions to back a Bear Stearns rescue package and provide emergency loans to big Wall Street firms. '

    Disease transmission by direct or indirect contact.
    A disease that is or may be transmitted by direct or indirect contact; a contagious disease.
    The direct cause, such as a bacterium or virus, of a communicable disease.
    Psychology The spread of a behavior pattern, attitude, or emotion from person to person or group to group through suggestion, propaganda, rumor, or imitation.
    A harmful, corrupting influence: feared that violence on television was a contagion affecting young viewers.
    The tendency to spread, as of a doctrine, influence, or emotional state.

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