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  • cray_bagholder cray_bagholder May 1, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

    a noun, a verb, and 9/11

    And I don't recall President Obama landing on an aircraft carrier in front of a huge banner....

    ...So why the manufactured outrage over his campaign ad highlighting getting Osama bin Laden - could it be this is an issue that scares the GOP?

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    • Haha... Oh bagholder I completely identify with what you write! I was OBSESSED with politics and news... anything to get a rile out of myself and others. I lived to draw others in... let them know how my mind was ticking. I thought everyone was in the same angry reactive state I was. It was all about ME. The more reaction I was able to get out of people the more (or so I thought) I was winning at life. I had to be right.

      This was my insanity... It's easy to continue doing this though. Turn on the TV and you see it. I had to ask myself... how I truely felt down in my gut? I was the only one to untimately truely answer this question.

      NO single human power could relieve my suffering. It wasn't until I became honest and admitted that what I was doing was destroying myself and everyone around me. I had to identify with those who truly made changes in their lives and did not go back to the same behaviors. I choose not to go there... it was a bad place to live... there is another way and it will rocket you into that 4th dimension of existence if you so choose.

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