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  • ggrazak ggrazak Oct 3, 1997 4:04 PM Flag


    they are working like mad to get it down by end of OCT....

    heres hoping they make it


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    • thanx for the previous info gg, do you work there? Anyhow, I'm not trying to be a nagging house wife, but it tis the end of oct. and I haven't heard boo from the company. no news isn't exactly good news. It would be nice if the co. could at least keep
      us posted as getting things in opertation seems pivotal for the co. as well as the stock to run to the front, or just slip back to the $4-$6 range. was a good run to $18, however if things don't get rolling, I fear we will not be able to maintainour $10-$12 plateu,let alone soar to a projected $30. any body with some concrete info they'd like to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dvd

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      • Boy i sure wish i new!!!!!!!!!

        No i dont work there......

        They are being reeeeeeall quiet at TERA and only saying sometime in 4th qt. - they say they had some kinks that are worked out.......

        asked if they booted up 2 processor...they say no....but they dont want ot say anything officail yet.......i know they have but with a chip that they were replacing....this was some time ago(about 3-4weeks) ........ how long to redesign the chip, i dont know.......talking to people it didnt soudn to be that big of a problem, and talking with the company htey said they wroked out kinks..soooooooooo i think they are done.......

        as far as when down to SD? well there was a post on AOL saying rumors were 10/30.......i didnt think that was realistic....i had heard 11/7/97 but cant confirm that....

        a couple of weeks here or there wont make a difference.......i think the only reason we slipped below 12 was teh "crash".....interested to note tera recovered quickly the next day, slipped but back over 12 today while nasdaq down 37....thats positive........also some REAL positive news is :

        Recent Research on TERA : TERA COMPUTER

        The following brokerage firms have supplied Zacks with research information
        If the analyst's research abstract is available, you will be able to view it, as well as the analyst's ranking.

        Brokerage Firm Date of Last UpdateRecommendationSALOMON BROTHERS INC 10/24/97 BUY

        so as of as of last Friday when stock was at 12 5/8 they issued a buy......this seems to me they believe TERA will be delievering soooooon

        anyone have copy of full report?

        i got this from zachs news service


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