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  • Dino246gts Dino246gts Nov 14, 1998 2:19 AM Flag

    OT: Dietrich

    Hello Dietrich_67:

    No problems in the
    Rain City this weekend...I'm completely

    Nope (to Park Place). After the Microsoft
    Meeting, I did swing by to see if they had a 348
    available...didn't. [Only Ferrari in stock was a race prepared '77

    I'm looking forward to next week: War,
    Meteor Showers, Fed lowers, Microsoft reveals a money
    maker, Tera sells & delivers! [Not necessarily in that
    order.] will be time for a spin!


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    • Been reading your posts for awhile regarding your
      love of Ferrari's. Only have driven one, took a Euro
      version 308 gt as collateral for a loan to a
      acquaintence. Had a blast with it for six months. AC didn't
      work, man that car sure got hot. My question for you
      is: I currently have a 1961 ASA in my garage. A
      friend of my liquidated a estate and this car was one of
      several in it. He is telling me that it was made by a
      group of Ferarri employees who spilt off from the co.
      to start their own company called ASA.
      It looks
      like a Ferrari and has many Ferrarri parts. My Friend
      says that there were only 200 made. Anyways he wants
      me to go in halfs with him on this then flip it. LMK
      if you have ever heard of it and it's value. Thanx
      for your time, JIM

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      • Hello TKBJIM:

        You are correct...the ASA
        is quite rare. In any car of this nature, the value
        would depend on the model, condition, history, and what
        the buyer is willing to pay. [Do not consider it to
        be a car you would consider driving on an regular
        basis.] A collector, not necessarily a Ferrari
        enthusiast, (either here or abroad...and rich) is your value

        I know of no direct source of
        information on the car. I would recommend you contact the
        following to begin your search (you have quite a task ahead
        of you).

        The Ferrari Club of America (find
        your local chapter and contact the tech rep):
        The site has many avenues of
        information...and, an 800 number. There are thirty-five Ferrari
        Links at:

        That should get you started. If you want, you
        could e-mail me (with more detailed information on the
        ASA) on the Yahoo! we don't tie up this
        site. I might come up with something else.

        Classic car collectors are out there with severe cases of
        hesternopothia. You just have to find them! [My ASA memory: I was
        heading south on the German Autobahn...coming from
        Kobenhavn...doing over 120mph in a TR-4...when a red ASA passed me
        like I was standing still!]

        Is it running?
        Can you take it for a spin?

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