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  • Bucky_Rosebowl Bucky_Rosebowl Jan 6, 1999 1:34 PM Flag

    Fifth Quarter

    How can you possibly say that Leinies is the
    official beer of supercomputing after they were acquired
    by Miller, the paramilitary branch of Phillip
    Morris. Leinies is not what it used to be - spiritually
    or tastewise.

    If Huber won't work for you,
    how about Red, White & Blue or Grainbelt? Maybe
    Andeker? Even Old Style (aka Dog Style) will work in a
    pinch. Wish I could email you a sixer, but that protocol
    has not been released yet.

    Off topic, what
    they hell is going on with our little company here,
    Third? I was hoping for some press releases after the
    new year to take advantage of this January Effect.
    Any insights or guesses?

    Suitable - please
    pick up the white courtesy telephone and give us an

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    • Perhaps we should nominate Point

      Speaking of news, I would have thought that SDSC would
      rubber-stamp acceptance of their MTA-4, and end the

      No one answers the phone at Tera, so either they're
      in "bankruptsy" or they finally got "Caller ID".

    • (mysteriously around the same time Tera was
      founded) when they sold out to those executives from
      Pabst, who ran the place into the ground and sold off
      the Augsberger line to Stroh's. While the family is
      back in charge now, they're hardly in a position to
      take on a responsibility like Official Beer of
      Supercomputing. In any case, I saw Burton at the Blue Star a few
      weeks ago, and while I didn't go over to ask what beer
      he was drinking (or when they'll get four stable
      processors) I can tell you authoritatively that the Blue Star
      serves neither Huber nor Leinenkugel's.

      anyone tell me what a 'test chip' is, regarding the
      development of the CMOS machine, and whether having one
      represents significant progress or not? Is this one of the
      first stages of the journey or the last?


      • 1 Reply to mccaa2
      • > Can anyone tell me what a 'test chip' is,
        regarding the development
        > of the CMOS

        Test chips are built to prove basic elements of a new
        technology where there are significant unknowns. If test
        chip reveals problems in the technology, there is time
        to redirect the primary design effort to avoid
        trouble without a major schedule slip. Typically a test
        chip does not include a significant amount of
        functionality from the actual design.

        > .. having one
        represents significant progress or not?
        > Is this one
        of the first stages of the journey or the

        If you're talking about a Tera test chip, it
        certainly represents a big step up in risk management. One
        could only guess (and then multiply by 5) at what it
        means for delivery of a production machine. Jim, Do you
        know whether the chip is back in Tera's lab? Is it a
        full size die?

        > Key to Tera's choice of TSMC as its
        foundry is TSMC's singular
        > ability to deliver the
        3.61 square centimeters die on a 0.25 micron
        process critical to CMOS technology, while meeting high
        > criteria.

        Just proving that they could
        build a working device of that size would be
        noteworthy. 3.61 square centimeters would be about 3/4" on
        side which is pretty damn big - enough for maybe 9 or
        10 million gates. That, by the way, is 100 times
        more gates than they are getting on the current MTA
        GaAs chips. It's hard to beleive, but the actual die
        sizes are not that much different; its the density of
        CMOS that has improved in the 10 years between the two

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