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  • Poindexter_FORTRAN Poindexter_FORTRAN Apr 1, 1999 10:15 PM Flag

    Quit listening to propaganda

    >>Unfortunate as it may sound, this is
    Europe, not Africa: if dominoes fall, close allies would

    Grow up. Domino theory was trotted out in 1965 - it
    was wrong then, and it's wrong now. Serbian civil
    wars are not our concern.

    Let's see:

    Kosovo is sovereign Serbian territory. It is unlawful
    under international law and the UN charter for the US
    (and other NATO members) to attack a sovereign nation
    except in defense of another country that has been
    invaded or attacked. But hey, what are a few minor
    details to this president who has lots of experience
    breaking the law.

    (2) The majority of Albanians
    moved into Kosovo after it was Serbian territory (with
    a Serbian majority - or at least 50/50), now the
    KLA is engaged in terrorism to break off as an
    independent nation. This would be akin to Mexicans
    assassinating CHP officers in order to "liberate" extreme
    Southern California where legal and illegal Mexican
    immigrants comprise a majority population. Shed no tears for
    the Albanians, they are the squatters on Serbian
    sovereign land. If they are forced to leave, well they
    should have thought of that before they crossed the
    Albanian border into Serbia.

    (3) The Albanians
    (Kosovars) have blood on their hands just like the Serbs.
    The Kosovars depopulated Serbians from Kosovo in the
    past, and have engaged in a systematic terror campaign
    via the KLA.

    (4) Where were you and Klinton
    when the Croatians sent an army into
    Bosnia-Herzegovinia last year (or the year before) and forcibly
    deported over 150,000 Serbs? Answer, Merrika tacitly
    encouraged the Croats to do that! Did that cause WWIII? Why
    was that less of a "strategic interest" for the US
    and NATO?

    (5) These ethnic disputes,
    terrorism, and killings have been going on from ALL SIDES
    for at least 600 years. Nothing we can do will stop

    (6) NATO/Klinton is LOSING this affair bigtime.
    Bombing has accomplished NOTHING except to speedup the
    tempo of the forced emigration of Kosovars under the
    guns of the Serbs. Klinton has miscalculated badly and
    now NATO risks dissolution and America looks

    (7) Read Charles Krauthammer's piece in
    today's Washington Post.

    (8) If it's such a big
    deal to you, then YOU go and get your hands bloody in
    that mess.

    We are accomplishing NOTHING except
    breaking international law, wasting military assets,
    expediting the exodus of Albanians, and killing Serbians -
    mostly civilians.

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