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  • delta_gee delta_gee Feb 15, 2000 1:23 PM Flag

    rules to live by

    Reverend_Vice wrote: "Not knowing the "rules" to
    follow, or how to select which set(s) of rules are the
    authentic communication, means that Pascal's Wager doesn't
    indicate that a Christian has any better (and perhaps a
    worse) chance of getting into "heaven" and avoiding
    "hell"(whatever those two terms mean)."

    There's been a lot
    on cosmological nonsense posted lately, and I
    believe I can contribute even more. jimc1997 has spoken
    well that the real purpose of this board is to discuss
    fishing. In that regard, we hopefully can ignore the fact
    that many of Christ's disciples who bolted when the
    Empire ruled, were fishermen.

    I believe that one
    can "discern" the rules Reverend. When you are on
    Rock Creek trying to decide whether to match the sand
    fly hatch or use the "Clark Fork Hooker"....listen
    closely and look around. Stop your thought. Are you in
    the present moment? What does your heart tell you? If
    you're thinking about Tera, you're not in the

    Peace be with you.

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    • >>I believe that one can "discern" the
      rules Reverend.<<

      Great, O Prophet
      Delta_Gee, set forth your discerned laws and I shall
      transcribe them on this set of stone tablets, subsequent to
      which I shall convert them to HTML and post them on where they can be viewed by your disciples for
      $0.002 per page hit.

      >>What does your heart
      tell you?<<

      Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub, et

      Are you now an intuituionist, D_G???

      Get out
      the ouija board and see where your "heart" leads your

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