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  • credit_suisse589 credit_suisse589 Sep 10, 2012 2:33 AM Flag

    Executive Pay ridiculous

    In 2006 Gene Hodges became CEO of Websense with a Base pay of $500,000 and took the position with a Management team in all departments performing extremely well. This is not arguable as their publicably traded SEC reports prove said. In May 2006, Gene Hodges brought in David Roberts as Sales and Marketing Executive and within a short timeframe the Directors of Sales and Marketing, and Sales VP, who were responsible for execution, post 9/11/2001, that had continually delivered above expectations, were gone. Nearly four years after David Roberts was hired to Websense, he was gone without results and grave disruption to what had been a working results machine.
    Today, pioneers like Dan Hubbard, who worked diligently in making the company flourish has recently departed.
    Meanwhile, Gene Hodges has increased his base pay to over $1,002,000 per year from $500,000 in 2006 and his last year over all compensation exceeded $4,300,000. Additionally, Gene Hodges who sits on the compensation board pays over $500,000 base pay each to the President, the CFO, and the Executive VP of sales. Is this justified? Is this a good ole boys club abusing the executive position?
    In a time when CEO pay is being reported as abuse in many areas, how can Gene Hodges or the Board of Websense justify such enormous pay packages to the Top Executive members?

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