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  • ori.investor ori.investor Jul 29, 2012 9:18 PM Flag

    Reason to buy

    I just listened to the cancelled spinoff conference call. It was torture, listening to Al being bombarded with questions. Particularly when he added "OK" to each comment he made, like some people say "you know" repeatedly.

    I stand corrected. He said that there is potential liability from the CCI division that could spill over to the corporate level. How much it could be, and how likely it could be, he didn't say.

    Most of the questioners were far more concerned with MI going into receivership, and the bonds being due, than they were with CCI. There is a lingering suspicion, I believe, that Al has underestimated what regulators might do. And how the stock price will react if ORI has to go into the capital markets.

    That being said, I'm probably going to buy more tomorrow.

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    • very unlikely any of the subs could clawback capital from that parent, unless there was a fraudulent conveyance of funds, which I don't think is the case - so not sure what you mean as far as corporation being on the hook for CCI (which comment are you referring to?) - as I said in earlier post, I believe CCI is within ORINSCO, which I don't believe is a critical asset, although I am going on limited data in regards to ORINSCO -

    • what %tage is ORI in your $s at risk....if that is too personal a question, feel free to ignore...its just that Ive read multiple posts of your that imply you keep this the only investment you have?

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