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  • hoodat1 hoodat1 Jan 7, 1999 1:40 PM Flag


    The stock market is rallying in almost all
    segments, yet when the Dow goes up almost 250 points ORI
    goes down 48. Does anyone know what the hay is going
    on? If anyone is tied to ORI or any of its affiliates
    speak up if you have something to offer. Remember that
    you are just a made up name on the net.

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    • What's going on?

      • 1 Reply to wallstreet41
      • I've been thinking a lot about this and FWIW,
        have some thoughts:
        You hear lately that the
        darlings of Wall Street are the high-tech and Internet
        stocks. Microsoft, for example is at a P/E of 70.2. You
        also hear of Internet stocks that haven't ever made a
        penny of profit going for huge runups. Does this really
        make sense??I don't know, but against this backdrop,
        staid and stedy performers like most financial
        institutions look pretty tame; thus, they don't get the
        investment play.OTOH, I don't feel there's any bubble to
        burst with ORI or some of the others. Also, look at ORI
        compared with the DJIA and S&P 500 for the past 5 years (
        you can look up the overlay charts right here).ORI
        performed almost identical to the indices from Jan "94
        until 1997, when it took off; then, it went back down
        and now is on a par with the indices. IOW, if you
        ignore the runup in value of ORI for '97/98, you've
        matched the major indices.Like most, I mourn the drop in
        value from mid-98, but realistically, I know I'm in a
        good long-term position.If the Internet bubble does
        burst, I would expect the steady performers to look more
        attractive again.Just my opinion.
        BTW, there's been some
        commentary about the chairman selling stock. Look at the
        report ( On Yahoo ) now; he's kept a bunch for a net
        increase .

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