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  • nolferik nolferik Sep 30, 1999 7:53 PM Flag

    Check this out

    Strong rally by OTCBB:PRMR expected in anticipation of news release.
    Good luck with ori

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    • Hey clueless thanks for the reading advice, but I already have plenty of worthless drivel to read-like your post!

      Now go buy a clue because that is the only way you'll ever get one!

    • >....can anyone spell CHAPTER 11.<

      Sir: If you are referring to Chapter 11, you did not
      mention in which book? Can you spell Relief? and what
      does it mean?

      For you probably, that you should
      go to the toilette, and relieve yourself while
      reading Chapter 11 of SNOW WHITE, you'll feel a hell of a
      lot better.

    • analysis in Yahoo news today? Would tend to
      indicate lawsuit isn't all that material to ORI's overall
      financial condition wouldn't it?
      S&P's comments were
      "ORI benefits greatly from other sources of income,
      especially Republic Mortgage Co., an extremely well
      capitalized and profitable wholly owned mortgage insurer and
      to an important but lesser extent from its wholly
      owned title insurer, Old Republic National Title Ins.
      Co. These units contribute enough diversity of
      earnings to justify a two notch difference between ORI's
      senior debt rating and the flagship Group's financial
      strength rating instead of the usual three notches."

    • Preceptions, preceptions, preceptions. The stock
      has gone down because the industry as a whole has
      gone down. ORI wasn't even effected by all the weather
      issues. The insurance industry right now is not exciting
      - like the internet. I don't know why owners of the
      stock stay as owners and then shot themselves in the
      foot with their comments unless they are also shorting
      the stock. The California situation is an issue that
      I feel is being addressed but more importantly how
      do major players look at these issues. Are mutual
      funds leaving? I have only seen one large block trade
      (i.e. mutual fund) sale recently. What does that say?
      Maybe it says that mutual funds are waiting for the
      gravy train that is a buy out by a large bank that says
      "show me the money" Think about that. Good news instead
      of all the cry babies that have nothing but bad
      news. I would sure like to know if these cry babies own
      any stock or just enjoy crying.

    • Historically, the stock of insurance companies
      move with the bond market so when there is inflation
      the stocks move. The stock has never performed well
      in a bull market. However, I don't care what anyone
      says, this lawsuit has affected the stock. I sold half
      of my position at 30 when the news came out about
      the city suing ORI and I am grateful that I did. If
      the company has all ready spent 35 million to fight
      this suit, how much more is it going to take it to
      settle, perhaps a hundred million plus attorney fees.
      During this time, ORI has shown stellar earnings, The
      only change in the company is the lawsuit. The cost of
      real estate is out of hand in California so the title
      business is stong. This lawsuit definitely has affected
      the stock performance.

    • I own ORI. Ori is very undervalued. I am sitting
      tight. Comments here are preception. I wander how many
      comments are from owners of the stock. So here is a little
      preception that is also reality to go with all the very well
      informed and logical comments. Glass-Steigel is about to
      go away. That means that banks can buy insurance
      companies. It will be interesting to see who is bought based
      up one complaint about service or some other dum
      comment from anyone who does not understand the
      fundamentals of ORI. Banks are attracted to money. What has
      ORI got a lot of. Enough said.

    • You're probably the kind of investor who buys
      stock in startups with 200 P/E ratios run by
      pimple-faced nerds who expect to turn a profit in oh, maybe 5
      years or so.
      Current weakness of ORI shares is
      problematic in the entire sector - check performance of AIG,
      Allstate, or even Fidelity Select Insurance Fund.
      Eventually the Street will recognize this high yielding,
      undervalued company as the screaming bargain that it is.

      ORI is run by oldtimers, I admit, but they know their
      business. Take insureexec's advice & look at the past 10,
      20, or 50 years. Anytime you can scoop up a stock
      like this under book value, you'll make money. Chapter
      11? As likely as the RedSox winning the World Series.

    • Seems things have left the "exec" behind! Maybe you should do YOUR Homework before you post.

      Have you checked the stock price recently oldtimer?

    • ORI has one of the strongest balance sheets in
      the insurance industry. over 6.9 billion in assets
      and 2.4 billion in surplus.
      ORI has consistantly
      paid a stock dividend for over 44 straight quarters.
      98 net profit over 323 million. Grow up and learn
      how to read a financial statment before opening your

    • if a company looks like crap, smells like crap,
      and it stock performs like crap...then it is
      definitely crap!!

      This company personally shafted me
      on a claim and now I am taking them to small claims
      court to get my due. I wouldn't go near this one....can
      anyone spell CHAPTER 11.

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