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  • infoinsightexchanger_99 infoinsightexchanger_99 Jan 28, 2000 9:58 PM Flag

    Weren't earnings per share 4 cents more

    than expected ($0.39 reported, versus $0.35 expected)?

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    • appears to be remembering when he flew with the
      eagles. Lets hope he flaps his wings, runs around a
      little bit, swears off the stuff in the feed trough,
      gets a little mean, and returns to the


    • PE 6+ and div of 4.5. I hope they keep the div. and this is up a few points in the next 6 months. Thats the plan. I'm storing my profits from the high tech stocks.

    • Mega Ditto's here.


    • I'm in the same boat. As this thing has gone down
      I kept saying "It can't go any lower". It keeps
      proving me wrong. This stock has ALWAYS done well in
      years when book value was greater than price and has
      almost never had 2 down years in a row.

      I balked
      at selling 17-1/2 & moving the money to Janus 20 so
      I'm not feeling too bright about myself.

      So I
      may be right there with you...holding it for 40
      years. But I won't be happy about what has happenned the
      last couple of years, ever!

      Seems to me that if
      you catch a high level officer embezzling a million+
      dollars you might want to discuss the situation in detail
      before you go to the authorities with it. That million
      is nothing compared to the attorney's fees they're
      paying now. Excuse me the attorney's fees WE are paying
      now. (In reduced dividends and thus a lower stock

      I realize that's not the only problem, but the
      price has stepped down steadily ever since the suit was

      Frustration played a part in my last post. I am doing the
      same thing you are (With IRA & dividend reinvestment)
      but if I was picking a stock to buy outright I'd make
      this company show me something 1st.

    • "Who is gonna hold this for 40

      Probably me, I can't get a tax loss from selling (its part
      of my IRA). My residual investment is so low that my
      net proceeds could only realistically be invested
      back into a penny stock......and you know how risky
      they are.)So, I collect dividends and reinvest them
      into additional stock. I won't need this money for 27

      Sure I wish I had left it with INTL. However; part of
      investing requires that you diversify your investments. I
      have a few highfliers living with some

      In the next twenty-seven years, maybe some of my
      turkeys will become eagles and vice versa. the trick is
      to bail before the eagles become too fat and unable
      to fly, thus left to scrounge with the

      Gobble Gobble


    • Who is gonna hold this for 40 years. Until money
      comes back from .coms to REAL companies that make REAL
      things and make REAL money...
      (Is insurance

      If they throw their cash into dividends they risk
      their precious ratings...they aren't selling many title
      policies with that rating, and trucking is a disaster.
      It's time for this dog to figure out an innovative

      It won't go under, but it won't be a quick turn
      around either.

    • I've lost faith in the company. I watched it go
      from 40 something to below 12. I finally sold my last
      position and am moving on. I really believe nothing can
      happen until they settle their lawsuits. Who would buy a
      company with these internal problems. It definitely is
      time for a change of top management and back to the
      honest company of which it built its reputation.

    • I don't know. An 83 year old man bought some of
      this stock with around $250.....forty years ago. This
      small sum, through splits and appreciation, is now
      worth over $25,000.

      I bought this turkey just
      before the stock split. My employer even does business
      with the company...thus the attraction. My investment
      is small and I have lost so much money that the
      commissions would pretty much wipe out my

      They have cash......lots of it.....Maybe juicing the
      dividend would attract more investors to the stock. Other
      than that, I don't know what they should do. I don't
      know if they can do anything.

    • down means that the stock will continue to go
      down if : 1-profits do not start going up instead of
      down as they have been doing or 2there is no dramatic
      change in management or 3 there is no growth by buying
      other companies or growing within or 4 the company is
      not sold BIG QUE3STION IS; will any of the above
      happen???????? what do you thing should be done???

    • by down?

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