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  • psv26 psv26 Feb 5, 2003 1:28 PM Flag

    I need you help

    guys, do think it is good idea if I buy this stock at this level for the long term, I like their dividents. Any opinion.
    thanks for your help.

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    • psv26...

      here are a few thoughts on AIZ. they are my opinion alone, and are worth every penny you paid for them!

      aluminium is not going away any time soon, it's too useful. wheels also look to remain fashionable. Amcast's woes are of their own making. That said, they have continued to pay dividends in spite of significant debt. This indicates (to me at least) that management's intentions are in the right place even if their business skills are wobbly. Even the slowest kid learns how to ride a bike eventually.

      So what I'm saying is, don't bet the farm on this company's stock, BUT the downside from here is limited, and the upside potential is terrific. Find some cash you can afford to lose (if the worst should happen), and buy some AIZ. There hundreds of places you could put it where it is less likely to grow.

      bon chance!


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      • "That said, they have continued to pay dividends in spite of significant debt."

        Cool. Do you think that all I have to do is call Amcast's Investor Relations and they'll put me back on their list of special shareholders who get to receive these dividends. Because, it seems to me that I haven't received an aiz dividend for many many quarters. I doubt that AIZ is allowed to pay dividends under their current loan covenants.

        But hey, I do agree that wheels will probably stay in vogue for a little while longer.


    • I suspect that you need more help than I can provide... but, when you see a dividend yield on Yahoo of 34% you should ask yourself whether this is reality or not. Amcast has not been in a position to pay a dividend for quite some time.

      Of course given that I'm still invested in Amcast one my question whether I'm in a position to give anyone investment advise.

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