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  • reefno72001 reefno72001 Jan 18, 2002 6:29 PM Flag


    Volume and profit taking ,but LOOK OUT NEXT WEEK,will probably hit $9.00 by Friday morning,11 AM.

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    • I think thats a little unrealistic to expect that much of a climb in such a short time, but stranger things have happened and for god sake I think we all hope you are on with that prediction,but personally I dont see it.. I think if we get to $6 next week that will be good, and then we may lumber between 6-7 until next earnings..JMHO..

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      • I am definitely concerned about the huge volumne on friday and believe one of two scenarios will play out......

        scenario #1- somebody or fund sold the hell out of the stock-either shorted or just got out at high 4's.

        scenario #2- market maker bought hell out of stock because they are buying for their own account. Typically done just before an upgrade as they (mm) plan to move a lot of their clients into the stock this week by using their brokers to place the stock with clients. A new company following the stock will raise the number of analyst from 1 to two and should come close to doubling visibility.

        17.4 million shares and we may have about 11 or so million in float. New investors typically buy and wait which will tighten the already tight float tighter. Yes, we very well may see 6 or 7 this week if scenario #2 plays out. Fundamentals are wonderful with $1.66 a share in cash, eps for the coming twelve months of close to $.40 per share. 16 times $.40 is $6.40 and add the cash and we get close to $8.00 per share as a reasonable value...close to a 60% increase from here..A very easy sale for a MM pushing a stock this week. Just my opinion backed by my investment in 11,000 shares------lostinmyownmind