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  • capitan_voegol capitan_voegol Jul 5, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    I give to you the truth about GOL. PLEASE stop the nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You must know that, the company gave the investor presentation to analysts last week and there is now $1.3-$1.4 billion USD of cash on the balance sheet after win spinoff the Smiles IPO!! To suggest the bankruptcy is uneducated and unknowing!! The reason the GOL stock is a down is due solely to the impact the Reais is having vs USD. We (the company) have enough cash to implement the turnaround and improve the margins. What is happening now at GOL is the same as what happened to the United Estates in 2009; we cut aggressively are cut the capacuty to match the demand and raise the yield.

    The result so far speaks for itself. Goto the corporate website for all of the financial information and read the GOL Day NYC presentation to see the amount of cash on hand and debt schedule over next 2-3 years. Very little is due short term, what is due is in Reais.

    Soon, this stock will be doing the turn. Our Brazil is portrayed like Egypt and Middle East on US TV as I saw for myself during last flight to Miami. SIMPLY RIDICULOS. Brazil is growing unlike the USA in 2009, maybe slow, and GOL has already made many of the tough decesion to turn company around. Buying here will be like to buy US airline stock in 2009 @ $2-3/shares; now some 1-2000% higher in the asset price!!

    Please, excuse yourself from the bankruptcy talk. Not going to happen now or in the next 2 years unless entire world fall apart!!

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    • I agree,i remember 2009 very well in the USA with UAL and LCC.once the civil unrest subsides all will be ok.All they have to do is copy the plan of UAL LCC and others.This is a great buying opportunity and the Bankrupcy talk is a scare tactic as always!

    • I'll increase my position from 12k to 24k either today or early next week. The fear about GOL is widespread and the impact of this board on this sentiment had no bearing. I welcome this fear as an exceptional opportunity to accumulate my position.

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      • Please understand that CEO Kakinoff is undoing the reckless growth at any price of the previous manager. IT WILL TAKE THE TIME, but look at the results a so far!!!! Even though fuel rise 14%. Even though currency depreciate 12%. EVEN THOUGH government tarifa rise 10%- GOL was able to greatly improve the operating marginas!!

        The company is positioning itself for the new dynamic in Brazil which may be 1-2% GDP as the normal. If this is the case, GOL may very much thrive and do the surviving when the competitor fall apart (AZUL). Kakinoff look like the genius now getting Smile IPO done ahead of iBovespa collapse. AZUL cannot even get the funding it needs to expand the operation, which is another positive in itself!!

        You can buy what you want but the company GOL will survive this downturn. The cash position is gigantic and operating margins are improving fast enough to delelevrge the company single, without the cash !

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