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  • contrarian15101 contrarian15101 Mar 24, 2003 12:55 PM Flag

    the math

    see bottom of page links:
    enema = $1.19/bottle.
    phospho = $1.69, .50/day

    This is not a high profit margin or profit generatring market. This market is not as explosive as the product. A nickel and dime game that will take longer than perceived.
    $10 for 90 tabs. @ 5-9 tabs/day = .11 cents a tab -> .55-.99 cents/day. And they will try to sell it as a new product for a much higher price and stumble with grabbing market share.

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    • Hey contrarian you do make sense but I need to use my brain, perform some mathematics, have an attention span greater than the time it takes me to fart and think out side of the box.
      I guess it would be easier to put the rose-colored glasses on and chant the party line.
      You guys act like I'm speaking Alabama jive.

      War is contagious. ;)
      cruise, sound familiar:

      NOUN: Informal. One given to boasting: boaster, brag, braggadocio, braggart, bragger, vaunter. Slang : blower. See PRAISE.

    • terryhallinan,

      Like I told my young friend it is getting excting.

      We all shall know before long.

      This is what the Great American Dream is all about. Finding the right stock before everyone else. We are now about to find out if our DD is right.


    • terryhallinan,

      Thank you for your input.

      Unlike Contrarian, I think INKP has enough sense now to weight the benifit of taking on a 65M market.

      If InKine didn't think it would be profitable they would look at an area were they would see a profit. I think they learned they have to do it right every time right now.

      I am happy how well we held up in a major down day. Does that say something? I think so!

      I just talked to the neat young man that has done the pest control on our yard, since he was a child with his father, for the last 21 years.

      He has tucked shares away for his children for their college education. He said while he is so busy he can't watch close, he has noticed how we have hung in there.

      I keep him up todate. He did dump one mutual fund he had and said he said he sees nothing to change his mind on how this stock is progressing.

      This great young man is not a day trader and one I would tell to sell before I do if I see a problem. All I am saying is he has a feeling for what is going on and watches enough to know if he should be concerned.

      To give all an idea of how nice this young man is, he refuses to increase our bill as we were his father's customers before he died. Is there any question if I will take care of him and his children? That is how strong I feel our opportunity is with this stock.

      Just some feedback from the real world.


    • Paralytic ileus to be more precise.
      I you have paralytic ileus you are npo.
      It's (constipation mgmt. via rx) not sizable and has limited growth with a nickle and dime profit scale. It's constipation, it's not complicated and can be addressed on the otc a million different ways with limited retail price range.

    • Get out of here.
      Long-term pain management with opiods = long-term management of constipation. At $40 and no insurance coverage you need to find a more practical and resourceful M.D.

    • How many people are going to buy natural laxatives from the same people pushing emu oil?

      On that note, how is Miralax doing?

      How long does Miralax take? Oh yeah, 2-4 days...

      Inkine's PR spells this out pretty clearly.

      • 1 Reply to enticing_pickle
      • Miralax is taken on a daily basis. Same mechanical basis as taking a bulk fiber. Take daily bulk fiber and the bowel will move unless you are bed ridden.
        Laxative's are marketed on a daily basis dosing schedule.
        100g of the salt cost roughly $10 on a manufacturing/wholesale basis. 11 cents retail cost for a 300mg tab. $1 a gram = .001 cents per pill to make. 1000% profit on the salt per pill or .109 cents per pill. Subtract marketing, packaging, advertisement, R&D, sales and management = 1-3 cents operating margin per pill.
        1000000 pills sold => $10000 profit.
        Just trying to put things into perspective.