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  • enticing_pickle enticing_pickle Mar 24, 2003 1:37 PM Flag

    the math

    How many people are going to buy natural laxatives from the same people pushing emu oil?

    On that note, how is Miralax doing?

    How long does Miralax take? Oh yeah, 2-4 days...

    Inkine's PR spells this out pretty clearly.

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    • Miralax is taken on a daily basis. Same mechanical basis as taking a bulk fiber. Take daily bulk fiber and the bowel will move unless you are bed ridden.
      Laxative's are marketed on a daily basis dosing schedule.
      100g of the salt cost roughly $10 on a manufacturing/wholesale basis. 11 cents retail cost for a 300mg tab. $1 a gram = .001 cents per pill to make. 1000% profit on the salt per pill or .109 cents per pill. Subtract marketing, packaging, advertisement, R&D, sales and management = 1-3 cents operating margin per pill.
      1000000 pills sold => $10000 profit.
      Just trying to put things into perspective.