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  • onlyaflea onlyaflea Apr 16, 2002 12:58 PM Flag

    A secret message for Dean Barr at DB...

    Dear Dean (and other members of the DB proxy committee),

    You and DB are now embroiled in a full-blown criminal investigation related to fraud and other possible illegal activities that occurred during the recent Hewlett-Packard Proxy fight.

    A few words of advice and comfort to you in these troubled times:

    (1). Find yourself a good lawyer right away.

    (2). Do not attempt to destroy, alter or conceal documents, electronic communications, presentations, proposals and other material evidence relating to this case.

    (3). Commit to memory the following mantra for your own safety and protection: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney...but then, you probably know the rest by now.

    (4). Trust no one.

    Above all, be very careful. Only the tip of the iceberg has come to light so far.

    That leaked voicemail message that popped up in the press the other day was just the beginning. There's still a lot more dirty laundry lurking below the surface. Don't forget, there are plenty of unhappy HP employees just itching to blow the whistle on Carly and her merry gang of corporate hooligans and raiders.

    Don't let Wayman, Fiorina and the other HP liars and evil-doers take you down with them. They are all scrambling in a sinking ship over at HP these days. Don't become an unwitting accomplice to their greed and folly.

    Unless you are 100-percent truthful and above-board in cooperating with the authorities on this investigation, Dean, you and DB may very well go down with the ship too, just like Andersen did in the Enron fiasco.

    Why not be a hero instead of a crook? Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Do the right thing for the sake of your company and yourself.

    Take heed before it's too late. April is the cruelest month. But it will soon be over.

    Now what side do you choose, Dean, the Saints or the Sinners? Your DB stockholders and investors are watching you with an unflinching eye. Choose wisely. Your reputation and your career are at stake here.

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