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  • ftoddersku ftoddersku Dec 31, 2012 1:25 PM Flag

    WEST=Worthless Shell

    There is no doubt WEST became a worthless shell now. This was the result of actions of bottom feeding CBD joke of a management, who driven their stock price to subpennies in their native Australia and that stinking no good b@#$ch Randazzo, who kept issuing shares by millions for pennies to pay her own salary-THAT IS THE OUTCOME OF 2012. I just can't wait CBD is getting listed in US so I can short the heck out of them, but from what I am hearing from Australia, listing on US markets more and more becoming a tough challenge for them, since they are having a hell of a time getting their papers filed-apparently the new auditors have all kinds of inquiries and questions and CBD having hard time producing anything of value. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY AND let's keep our fingers crossed that CBD by some miracle manages get listed in US. It is clear that CBD have been chased from Australian markets (they have done nothing but issued close to a billion shares (sounds familiar?????????, and now CBD barely manages to be traded at 1 Australian Penny/Share, and they still want to issue hundreds of millions of shares to raise meager 250,000 Ks in cash, before they do a massive reverse split-that is how shameless that company is). CBD thinks that they can outsmart eveybody in US in the same manner-dilution followed up by a R/S-so what they are hoping for is to have the same run in US before they move to a different market and Randazzo who was nothing but an accountant for a newspaper distributor before that idiot Effren brought her with him can help them to implement it. how little they know-between CBD and Randazzo-that pair as a totally incompetent management (Randazzo doesn't even know the difference between AC and DC) - the best thing, and all those shadowy hedge funds who owns millions of shares ................................God Almighty..............the dream come truth, greatest thing ever, let's saddle up boys and wait till the moment of greatest shorting event arrives at our doorsteps. Just think, if a company like CBD has been driven to subpennies in a joke of a stock market like Australia, imagine how fast sophisticated market like US will take it apart and drive it back to subpennies, the dumpster where they belong. Just think about it. My IMO

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    • i warned you for 5 years straight, duh if you didn't see this coming stick to mututal funds

    • Thanks for the post, it helped to clarify some of the issues. Please don't stop and keep us up to date since WEST doesn't even issue any news releases any more. Who is their investor relations, by the way or they don't have it any more?

    • People, don't forget never ending lawsuits
      Here is the latest one

      Westinghouse Solar, Inc. v. Lennar Homes, LLC

      Plaintiff: Westinghouse Solar, Inc.
      Defendant: Lennar Homes, LLC

      Case Number: 1:2012cv24546
      Filed: December 28, 2012

      Court: Florida Southern District Court
      Office: Miami Office
      County: Miami-Dade
      Presiding Judge: Donald L. Graham

      Nature of Suit: Contract - Other Contract
      Cause: 28:1332
      Jurisdiction: Diversity
      Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

    • gosolar17 Dec 31, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

      I can hear plenty of anger in your voice my friend, but for the most part you are right and there is nothing I can argue about. In my opinion, if you rid of the anger part in your post, then you are right on. All I can add is, I am hearing that WEST is running out of cash as usual and can't even honor some if the earlier warranties but CBD is not willing to help them out financially even for the time being. CBD does have plenty of cash and them not willing to keep WEST on life support says it all. In addition, when was the last time WEST had any meaningful news?

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