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  • ftoddersku ftoddersku Feb 16, 2013 12:14 AM Flag

    The dust settled and we know now what happened

    It is all the same s!@#t, Randazzo just issued a truckload of convertibles again to some shady funds who doesn't even have a valid website and located on Caymans. Randazzo and McGown never cared about the share price since both of them never owned a meaningful amount themselves. I just don't even want to talk about it. They issued A, B, and now C preferred, that shameless !@#$%. It also shows that WEST doesn't have any cash left to operate, they don't even have an investor relations person in US, CBD doesn't want to give them a penny and the so called "merger" might be delayed again. Nothing new it is all the same. I just can't wait when they are finally listed in US and then we can do a lot of things to Randazzo and McGown and push them out, or at least make their life miserable. Held them accountable because as of today they are acting as a runaway trains doing whatever they want without any accountability and limitations. That is why some of the directors are resigning in utter disgust. Randazzo the Snake managed to back stab the founder Cinnamon and took his position. But the time is coming when she is going to be thrown out herself soon.

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