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  • ftoddersku ftoddersku Feb 20, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Here is how it work, I think, Randazzo issues shares for peanuts

    to shady hedge funds (check for yourself), then some time later those shares are adjusted to a market price (most of them now are adjusted to 4 cents a share), they are still cumulative anywhere from 4 to 8%, time comes they are converted to common at 4 cents, hedge fund runs it up to 12 cents dumps all those shares flooding with millions of new worthless papers, and makes truckload of money, Randazzo is happy since she can pay her own salary from dilution, McGown is happy he continue playing his silly game of being a CEO, hedge funds are happy since they converted peanuts to some serious cash, and guess who is left holding the bag.???????????????????????????????
    Just my two cents.
    Share price will be back to 4 cents by the end of the week.
    Just my IMO

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