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  • gosolar17 Aug 16, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    As long as Margaret Randazzo remains with this company

    in any capacity, nothing positive is going to happen either to the stock price or the company in general. Since she has been "interim" CEO, there is absolutely nothing, NOTHING positive happened to this company or stock price. Perception is everything, and, if Randazzo is removed ASAP, the company might, just might have a chance for a new chapter.
    1. She didn't stop the merger when CBD sent a kid with a language degree to US be in charge of listing, she didn't stop the merger when CBD refused to pay their share of bills and missed another deadline in February..........
    2. She issued shares for peanuts left and right to pay her salary, but what kind of value proposition she had for $225Ks salary? Name one positive aspect.
    3. She missed payments to suppliers (she preferred paying her salary instead of APs) again and again, allowing those suppliers taking to the court and having outstanding judgements against WEST.
    4. She is the one missed payments to Westinghouse to use the brand
    5. She colluded with McGown, and even today unwilling to have a law suit against CBD even though it is a slam dunk in any US court -she knows that CBD and McGown personally responsible for the meltdown of WEST
    6. She is the one who canceled any communication with shareholders and became one of the most secretive CEOs with utter disregard to common shareholders
    7. She is the fist CEO of this company and as an insider hardly owning any meaningful amount of company shares thus totally disregarding share price........
    Should I continue???????????????????????????? If what I said is wrong then argue otherwise RANDAZZO MUST be FIRED NOW, because of the reasons I just mentioned and more............ you can't claim a fresh start with somebody like Randazzo who did so much damage to WEST and still in charge. Randazzo might be keeping company as a hostage claiming "keep me around or Ch. 7", but if Randazzo takes that route then
    let different courts sort it out, it will happen no matter what...IMO

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