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  • superforce_57 superforce_57 Apr 24, 2009 1:52 PM Flag

    What a bunch of dreamers.....

    I'm long HUN, but most people on this Board have their head in the clouds. The most likely outcome is HUN nets about $1 Billion from a settlement. That would give you a stock price between $5.00 & $7.00. To think it's going higher without a fundamental improvement in their business is mental masturbation. Based on HEX's results, earnings on May 8th are going to be a disaster.

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    • Hexion is much more tied to the automotive industry than HUN. Hexion is a horrible company with extreme negative book value that should have already been put out of its misery.

      HUN will most likely have shown the bottom in Q1. I'm not looking for stellar numbers by any measure, though. Remember them talking about buying some debt back at 50 cents on the dollar? If they did so, they would be able to book the difference as a gain. Maybe they took $100MM to buy back $200MM of debt? That's the equivalent of about 40 cents a share.

      That means there is a chance that they will record a profit in Q1 after extraordinary gains.

      Yeah, I guess I fit in the dreamer category, too. However, my dream with this stock is quickly becoming reality since my cost is under $3 a share. Add onto that all the options I have that are up over 100%.

      The more I dream, the more I seem to make.

    • good post super. i'm long hun too and dont expect much more then 6$ a share after a little more than a billion $ settlement. longer term it could break double digits but to expect 500%+ returns from the 2$ level in just a few months is foolish.

    • Yeah your long...are you related to bhm. He's long too so he claims. While I'm not for pumping...I can't stand bs so please stop the bs

    • A disaster that's already priced into the shares...

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