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  • dragon_bull dragon_bull Jul 1, 2009 10:38 PM Flag

    How to recognize a BASHER

    You will find that BASHERS never bash a bad stock. Check it out. Bashers only go after stocks that are moving up, or ones that have excellent potential to do so. The BASHER will work to drive the price down for several reasons: to either increase their own position at your expense; or to help someone that is SHORT to make their take at your expense.

    BASHERS will always dredge up old news that you have heard over and over again. Some BASHERS will even try to make old news appear to be new by changing a date or by-line in an attempt to fool you.

    BASHERS will post their message many times each day. They will try their best to wear you out with their drivel. They make comments on everything. They try to give the impression that they can answer every question you might have. They want to appear that they know it all. Just try throwing out a positive comment, and they will jump on it. They will try to control the board with their nonsense. If you are a true long, you may have to confront the BASHER or he will appear to any newbies that he is the one to go to for answers to all of their questions. True longs must retentively post positive, well researched data on the company while trying not to engage the BASHER directly. NEVER mention anything about the BASHER, as that will give him ammunition to use against you.

    BASHERS lie…lie…and lie some more. Never, ever, EVER, trust a Basher. The BASHER will attempt to compare your issue to other companies, management, financials, etc., just to lure you into making an Apples to Oranges comparison. Do the research on your company so you will know the truth, not what the BASHER wants you to know.

    BASHERS want to plant a seed of doubt in your mind, and they hope that you are not savvy enough to research the truth on your own. Their success is based upon causing doubts and fear in your mind, hoping that you are too lazy to check it out…and then you bail out of the stock…and they win.

    You have made the investment. Now work to protect it, and don't panic on the words of some BASHER that claims he "has your best interest at heart". Why would someone that you have never met, out of the goodness of their heart, give you free advice that you didn’t ask for? Trust me, they do have motives. Their own Hip Pocket National Bank!

    BASHERS know that you will never be able to verify ANY of their statements. That's why they make such vague statements. They depend upon you being too lazy to research their drivel. Be aware that BASHERS will often work in tandem with other BASHERS, and back each other up and try to validate their nonsense.

    The BASHER PLAYS ON YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. They can lie about information and you won't know the difference (unless you have done your own DD on the company and know the truth and the facts).

    The BASHER’S job is to drive the price down! Truth is not important to the BASHER. They post continuously on the board every single day. They are trying to scare the newbies away from the stock so that they can drive the price down. They really want to wear down all of the faithful longs on the board and gain free reign and control over the board.

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    • you're a complete idiot!

      Again I will ask where's that $10 billion dollar settlement you pumpoers were telling eveybody!!

      Oppp HUN $600 million.

      You may be working from a new math but you can't really be that fked up can you?

      I guess the answer is yes

      Cmon pumpers cmon and tell us about that $28 a share you were preaching.

      That';s because alying ignorant misinformed paid morons.

      Also stock down over 20% last 10 days now that's a hot stock and I can only assume u backed your 1971 nissan pickup for the load.

    • I agree, it is a fact, and whoever dispute it is naive. Bashers are hired in the boiler room. Bashers (Long/Short) job not to bash stocks but also to search stock. They go to many site enter into discussion to get the feeling and learn about next investment. Bashers are not necessirly have nothing to do but some are investors with business background. Of cource no one answer from bashers "why are you here if you have no position one way or another. I learned too many bashers is good sign (Not always), penny stock bashers are different but great stock with bashers is great indication for stock potential, ofcource Do DD before investing. Again, Dividends, cash, great sector, access to cash and low share price is great buy, my opinion.

    • This is a typical nonsensical, naive and over the top paranoid post on this board. Some of you guys just don't get it!! HUN is not a penny stock that can be easily manipulated by fake news from either pumpers or bashers. Grow up and learn something about the real investing world and you just might make some money!!

      You want a basher?? How about the stock price, down to $5 from $7 after that highly touted fabulous settlement. That's a 29% loss, folks!! The Street just doesn't like this company right now and all the pumping and "basher" bashing will not change that. Do some real homework and you may learn that "bashers" have nothing to do with HUN's stock price.

    • look down

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