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  • deft2daft deft2daft Oct 10, 2010 2:33 PM Flag

    Mighta missed it but

    nobody commented yet on HUN's Friday close at $11.90, a higher number than has been seen in months.

    It's all that T?A (yes with a ? mark) voodoo that has distracted people, I suppose.

    I hear the Halloween Bat formation is very bullish.

    I'm still at a "Hold," however.

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    • Hey Daffy, as you know, I don't think much of TA, but T&A is a whole 'nother matter...

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      • <<Hey Daffy, as you know, I don't think much of TA, but T&A is a whole 'nother matter...>>

        Thar's a good rejoinder, matey!

        I probably shouldn't be so crass to write this, but could it be that in post-partum Lind World the man is feeling a bit frisky?

        Of course the appropriate reply to this comment is the standard Gentleman's rejoinder:

        "Actually, I bask in the the ruddy luminosity of my beautiful (french) wife's post-partum glow, and am enthralled by the rather bountiful breasts that have swelled and then ripened beyond anything I ever imagined when we first were wed. And as for her "A," well, that's coming back nicely....!!"

        Or something like that.

        HUN is now above $12, a major technical milestone that - with volume - pins the share price into a new range of hyperbolicity the candlestick of which should create the new uptick margin low limit at the post-elliot wave transition point that I saw coming about a week ago. I've had my eye on this inflection point, and am now seeing the third wave transformation that should bring HUN to about $14 sometime during the period of November 11-18.

        You can bank on this, trust me. I've only seen this rare chart formation one or two times with any stock EVER and it always signals a near-term explosive gain of about 20%.

        This is the infamous Halloween Bat chart form more fully explained. Google it... you can learn alot more about what this REALLY means.

      • Yep T&A are certainly more (how should I put this?)
        Engaging? :-)

      • You naughty boy..wink, wink !!!

      • TA? balderdash.

        gimme some good old fashioned Animal Spirits

        Run HUN!

    • The Friday close looks good !
      I'm still long and don't generally day trade.
      I would however like to see a few more closes over $11.90 but more significantly, a solid break and hold up over the $12.00 mark.
      Strickly speaking, in TA the 00 levels (i.e. $12.00, $13.00 etc.) are thought of by the majority as holding much more importance.
      (In TA, "general consensus" is supposed to influence reality.)

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