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  • scsmith_12000 scsmith_12000 Jan 7, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    I know it was due....but

    since I don't have massive amounts of capital to buy on all dips, I resent sell-off days. Oh well...shake off the traders and move the shares into stronger and longer hands.

    RUN HUN!

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    • Thanks Lind. It looks like the next earnings release should be abour Feb. 4 (right around the corner) based on the last two 8K earnings filings on Nov 4 & Aug 5. I could see a run-up until then. Thanks for the info. Maybe I could put some of my Genz profit to work! (just kidding, a]still a tad bit early for that). KS

    • KS, today and yesterday notwithstanding, the market is a bit extended on a short term basis and arguably so is HUN. The conundrum, is that they both are still cheap at current levels. In the case of HUN, we also have what should be another surprisingly favorable earnings report just around the corner. I have no idea whether HUN trades lower and if so how much, but as it has in past quarters, I would expect a HUN run up prior to the release of earnings. I made some small purchases today just above $16.

    • You're probably right B to B. I'd like the chance to buy more at $12 but am not holding my breath until then. Lind bought a major amount at $15.31 and he was very happy with that. I may follow that lead. I'm always looking for a deal and that may not be the best decision. Hun has been a great deal so far...couldn't be happier. KS

    • KS,

      To be honest, I would be ecstatic if HUN traded down to $12. I've bought in up to 15.50 but the bulk of my shares are ~9. HUN at 12 would have me liquidate some other positions to load up. I just couldn't pass that return up.

      But you won't see me holding my breath waiting for that day.


    • "The attempt he made yesterday at justifying his valuation conclusion was nothing more than an assemblage of technical terms about which he apparently has limited if any understanding."

      cool. I've been wondering if anyone else has noticed that .... ;} either way, along with the dude tradin' w/ himself - ya gotta admit, it's good for plenty of guffaws during the slow times.

      Run HUN!

    • Lind:
      I didn't have a chance to read all the posts on that thread that had over a hundred posts on it. I probably did not see what you did. Shorting in a hot market is a bad idea for sure. But to tell you the truth, I expected more of a pull-back in Hun than the minor amount seen so far myself but I wouldn't use that as a reason to short it. And while we expect the best for Hun, the earnings are still small right now, but rapidly improving. If I am looking for proof of earnings, that is still coming. When that comes, you'll pay a high price for a cheery concensus as the saying goes. KS

    • You think? He is good for a chuckle though.

      I think one of my childhood sayings catches his HUN investment thus far:

      "He is traveling up sh*& creek without a paddle."

      I just don't get shorting it at $15 and hope it goes to 12. It ain't that great of a return, especially for the risk he is taking on. I'm guessing he is one of those chart dudes and was expecting a pullback after the great run HUN has had. Unfortunately for him, the economic recovery continues as does HUN's financials.

    • Classic "take out the trailing stops" move today. I don't recommend trailing stops for HUN.

    • They like to check your heart rate once in a while,just turn your computer off and check back in a few weeks, you will be happy!

      Go Hun!

      • 1 Reply to nextyear2010
      • Yeah, but we have to have something to talk about! These dips & peaks makes topics for discussion. And when Lind starts talking about the strategies of pushing this lower or gaming that, I'm amazed. I'm sure all these things exist that I never heard of, I'm just surprised at all the effort people put into this. But it's interesting to hear about. At the bottom of all of it is a company that makes and sells things for a profit. That's the part that really interests me. KS

    • Take a deep breath. There's a great quarter coming, and before you know it, you'll be looking at twenty-handle HUN.

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