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  • how_bout_we_talk how_bout_we_talk Jun 14, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    hope all is well in Obamerica

    now do you all understand what I meant when I said I was moving out of the country if the election went the wrong way?? I didn't predict benghazi or the IRS or the DOJ or the other specific scandals and tramplings of liberty that are now commonplace... but it was easy to see that a country that selects this man twice for President is a country on a steep steep decline.... freedom now grows greater elsewhere, and it's very sad indeed......

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    • Wish I would say it better than tough1er, but he nailed it.

      I would spend time conversing with you, but since you said nothing of any substance.... stop being a cry baby. nobody took your bowl of cereal away from you. Go read some nonfiction, and maybe go to the beach. Use sunscreen this time.

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      • I don't know what you mean by "it", as in "he nailed it.", but the clear winner for plain incompetence is widely regarded as Jimmy Carter. Demonizing Obama doesn't work that way, because he's not incompetent, he's just wrong, wrong in how he works, wrong in what he wants, wrong in is effort to "transform" the country to something not by, of and for the people, but to subjects, not citizens.

        We may be remiss in our not taking proper notice, but a benevolent dictatorship, if that's the verdict, is still a dictatorship. Nothing shows that side of the man as well as the manipulation to get AHC passed despite its overwhelming popular disapproval and inability for straight voting in the Congress, but in the manipulation of starts and stops - dhimmitude is the word the Muslims call his selective forbearance towards the unions and other preferred groups, and now his forbearance towards businesses in general to support the elections of 2014 - as if that fools anyone not absent for 4 or 5 years or just not paying attention. AHC did not have anything in it that said the president had a special button he could push or whole sections he could ignore, so to make it his personal law or ukase.

        We see it reillustrated with the behavior of the Senate in passing the misbegotten immigration "reform" law, in which a huge disenfranchised illegal alien population is treated as some sort of favored constituency. Mr. Obama is not incompetent. He's just wrong.

    • Well, well, well. HE'S BACK!! HBWT once again broke his bet promise to stay off the HUN board FOREVER!! Just can't keep your word, can you?

      Gee whiz. If only I had sold my entire HUN position instead of half early this month, I wouldn't have any reason to check the HUN board ever again. My bad.

    • How_bout_we_talk:

      You're two presidential election cycles behind in your outrage. GWB set a standard for incompetence that may never be rivaled. And the pinheads among those who elected him likely are still in denial about the historic level of his ineptitude, which doesn't bode well for any promising future America might hope to have.

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      • Bush in his final 2 years wasn't the guy we elected, but Obama took over the reins and went much further in every way to diminish the value of the Constitution and enlarge and empower the federal government. We see Article 1 under attack now, but 2, 4, 5 have been devalued, 10 is moribund and we only wonder when Obama will take a shot at 22.

        As for being "cycles behind", do I need to remind you that Obama succeeded Obama and that his poor presidency continues? The "transparency" of Obama is to pass an unpopular health care bill using trickery, right in our faces. "Open", in this case, is his disregard for the people of the country.

      • I'd take a half a BUSH over O"bama any day. Ed

    • mmmm. still lovin' this state. lots of plants and critters and waterways and mangroves and kooky places to explore - sweet. also like living in a place where world comes to relax and play. like living at the ZOO! lol!

    • The rare sighting of the migratory Howbout... how's the winter in - I forget where it was you ostensibly relocated to.

      Hope all is well.

      Irrespective of your latest comments, nothing you cite would have prompted me to vacate the good 'ol US of A.

      Maybe we need a few Jack Reacher moments down in DC, however!!


      Sentiment: Hold

    • Save our Healthcare system from the IRS!
      Repeal O'Bamacare now!
      Impeach O'Bama later......

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