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  • naomifrances naomifrances Oct 16, 2013 1:55 PM Flag

    yee hah!

    run hun!

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    • To those who "challenged" my claim that it was no great feat for HUN to make it back over $20. Here are the FACTS....

      1) HUN hit $21.52 on May 2, 2011
      2) HUN closed @ $22.35 on Friday.
      3) That's a whopping 4% in 2 1/2 years!!
      4) On that basis, HUN is the POOREST performing stock in my entire portfolio!!

      Now, if anyone still wants to argue the point, you're totally clueless at investing!!

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      • nkvbradenton: If you have been following my posts for the last five years, you'd know that I'm currently on my third round trip with HUN. I posted every time I bought and sold. My current position was purchased @ $10-$12. I had planned to sell just north of $20 but changed to a hold a while back (posted that change too). Now I've got one foot out the door again waiting for $23+ (or more??). To be continued....

        My point in responding to Naomi Bymbo's misplaced joy was that HUN had been a very poor investment if one hadn't been trading instead of holding (like her). I think that point is irrefutable except by those in total denial. Good luck to you.

      • Yes....that is indeed poor performance, except you neglected to take in to account the following....

        1. What if one picked up shares at different price points as HUN dropped again to single digits? There has been tremendous appreciation in those positions.

        2. Dividend payments along the way.

        3. Lastly, I know you are damn good (and I mean it) trader and know your way in and out of speculative securities. Many of us are not interested in investing that way. As I mentioned before, I just sold about 1/6 of my HUN for more than 50% gain (which were purchased within the last two years). I also fully expect to generate multiple of that (both in percentage terms and in absolute terms) with the rest.

    • Naomi Bymbo: Oh, please!! After two and a half years, it's no great feat that HUN made it back over $20 and set a new multi-year high. No reason to blow your pumper horn!!

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