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    • Farther Marin

      I would be happy to talk with you about Bush�s accomplishments.

      Let�s start with the economy. You look at the economy and swallow hook line and sinker what the Democratic talking heads tell you. They tell you that we have lost net 1.5 million jobs under Bush�s watch. They then go to compare Bush to Herbert Hoover by telling tell you Bush has the worst jobs record since Hoover. Factually, that is true.

      But here is what the Democratic talking heads won�t tell you. Besides Bush, no other President since Hoover was handed the kind of stock market bubble that Bush was handed. No other President was handed an economy which had had so much money pumped into it in order to avoid what many believed would be the Y2K melt down that never occurred. The talking heads will debate with you when the recession began. They will tell you it began in March 2001 after Bush took office. That may be true, though some economist have stated that the recession began in November 2000.

      Even if one concedes that the recession began in March 2001. How can anybody seriously suggest that in one month in office Bush managed to somehow trash the economy. It�s worth noting that Bush�s fiscal policies were first implemented in October 2001 with the adoption of his first budget. So no matter if the recession began in November 2000 or March 2001 the economy was still operating under the Clinton Administration�s fiscal policies.

      Then you need to look at the effect the NASDAQ market crash had on the economy. In 1990 the NASDAQ composite was at 450. Ten years later it was at 5,000. That�s absurd! It was a bubble not just ready to pop. It was a bubble ready to implode. And it did just that. Like the Democratic talking heads are fond of saying �not since Herbert Hoover� have we seen a market bubble like the 2001 NASDAQ bubble. This bubble was not Bush�s doing. But the consequences of the bubble bursting were something he had to deal with.

      Then there was the Fed. Fearing inflation pressures that in retrospect appear to have been overblown they start jacking up interest rates ensuring the market collapse.

      This was of course before 9-11 and the war on terror.

      So this is the hand Bush was dealt. One could argue a hand much worse than the one Hoover was dealt. So how has Bush played his hand?

      He cut taxes which helped stimulate the economy. Any economist worth his salt will tell you cutting taxes and deficit spending is the right thing to do in economic downturns. And he fought two wars at the same time further increasing the deficit.

      The results - 5.4% unemployment rate
      1.6 Million jobs created this year.
      Home ownership at its highest level in history.

      Compare that to Hoover � 30% unemployment
      Soup lines
      Record forclouser

      Allen Greenspan said recently that Bush�s fiscal policies prevented a much more sever economic downturn. You better believe it.

    • if the dems would have went with a better candidate then i might have considered voting differently. but as usual, dems who at one time leaned to the left are now swaying by running a liberal candidate instead of a moderate. therefore, i have no choice but to stay with GW and the republicans.-bucko

      ps-do you really thin k kerry and the queen of ketchup are wht. house material???

      oh yeah, let's not forget the trial atty. as a sidekick. you dems had a good chance and blew it.

    • ""Your damn right. The public would like to know. That�s why Kerry has pushed so hard to silence the Swift Boat Vets. ""

      Thanks for your post, I must say that I'm switching my vote with your post..

      I never thought I'd vote Republican after 35 years..

      Other contributing factors were the two conventions and also the events happening in Russia..

      I don't think Kerry has the strength to fight Terror like Bush...

      No, I won't be re-thinking this.

      Go President Bush...

    • There they go again, "Scourge of the Booboisie", funny thing, Mencken leaned to the right, wonder what he would think of the same old tired mindless drivelers.

      • 1 Reply to londonsbuck
      • Who's military record is posted on the internet, and who's was lost in a fire?Let's see... Who has freinds names on the Vietnam Monument in D.C.? Would that be Bush? No. Who has seen war, been shot at, shot at others, ...killed others? Yes, Bush is the brave one that will be so bold as to make war with a castrated dictator.
        No tax raises during wartime...just not possible, historically. No draft. Not possible. No new my lips. Get an A.R.M. and spend the money to keep the economy going. Create jobs in slow states by employing people in the Dept. of Homeland Security. What does the job record look like over the four years? What does the stock market look like? Energy policy? No global warming...OOOps... yeah , I guess there is....California 'energy crisis', and now the world in a similar state due to speculators. Who profits? Ask yourself who makes light sweet crude? Haliburton under investigation for the period the V.P worked as the CEO. 10 cent a gallon gas sold in Iraq, paid for by the US taxpayer, and shipped in from Kuwait......... Hence all the kidnapped truck drivers. Why are the truck drivers making so much, and don't they have truck drivers in Iraq? Ever heard of cost plus? 10% of three bucks a day is not too attractive a contract. Enough. Go ahead and lash out with haft truths an don't do anything but cut and paste partisan stupidity. This is not a football game. We are all on the same team. If you are told something, check it's validity.

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