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  • Stsrfire Stsrfire Dec 18, 2000 2:17 PM Flag

    Customer Info, etc.

    I am new to this board and do not have a lot of
    history on the company. I am attracted to the stock based
    upon the low PE ratio and the past growth.

    are the major customers of Zomax?

    Why is the
    PE ratio so low?

    When are they expected to
    report their next quarterly earnings?

    Looks like
    a diamond in the rough!

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    • I have been following and owning ZOMX for 1.5
      years and I am really having a hard time doubling up at
      these prices..the flippin PE is 4! and its revenues are
      skyrocketing when CD and DVDs are just selling lock
      hotcakes..after all thats what people do to relax when times are
      tight..listen to music and watch movies....the damn stats are
      fantastic and the overhead and debt ratios are almost I missing something??

      • 2 Replies to Fitzzmann
      • If misery loves company...this bone you are
        looking for is in ALL the company you have. I too have
        been tracking Z and "stand" with the longs, which has
        never been more difficult than right now. I certainly
        don't agree with many of the "bashers" on this board
        and I believe that much of this downside activity is
        simply a result of a management that either does not
        know how to (or chooses not to) deal with PR
        associated with "change in business activity". I choose to
        think that "this management's introverted views"
        regarding communications with "Wall Street" is the problem
        with this stock. Z management need only pick up the
        phone and open up a dialogue with the public, through
        brokers handling the stock. We are all big boys and girls
        and can handle the's NOT knowing what is
        happening that's destroying the credibility of Z in the
        marketplace and of Z management.

        I remain "long" and
        confident despite management's secrecy and am reminded of
        the phrase "forgive them Father, for they know not
        what they do".

      • You said, "CD and DVDs are just selling lock
        (sic) hotcakes." Yeah, so far OK.

        And that,
        "people..listen to music and watch movies..." Now here you're off
        track. ZOMX doesn't fab CDs or DVDs for the
        entertainment industry, which is highly integrated vertically,
        and tough to break in to. ZOMX's biggest customer
        just announced that Win 2000 sales were not up to
        snuff. Smell that napalm?

        And, "...the damn stats
        are fantastic..." Well, they WERE until the last
        quarter. ZOMX management, widely pilloried on this board
        and in the press at home, said it was a one quarter
        aberration. Their credibility, uh, leaves something to be

        If you believe JA, then the market's got
        it all wrong. If you don't, then this co's got a
        liar for a CEO and who knows what the truth might be.
        It's the cockroach theory all over again. Only this is
        a Minnesota company, so maybe a better way to say
        it is that it's the iceberg theory. Or maybe

        IMO ZOMX will miss earnings this quarter. The selling
        is overdone, but could continue till year's end with
        tax loss selling. It'll drop < $4 before it's done
        IMO. Buyback is not going to really take form until
        all the bad news is out. THAT'll be the best buying
        op IMO, and it won't be long. I don't want to sell
        at a loss, then be locked out from buying more for
        30 days, so I'm holding despite negative
        expectations in the short run.

        That's how I see ZOMX's
        near term future. CC