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  • tomclark2045 tomclark2045 Jul 27, 2009 10:23 AM Flag

    anything safer - less volatile?

    SHV might be less volatile but the yield is practically zero. SHY has a higher yield but it has been a little more volatile lately, having gone down 0.4% since 7/1/09. Not much of a decline but enough to wipe out about 25% of the annual yield of 1.6% (per iShares website). It is down again this morning 0.13%. I am getting ready to bail on this ETF and will probably put the money in ING or Everbank to avoid loss of principal.

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    • I also have been studying Everbank, their rates are obviously attractive. What is your opinion of that institutions financial stability.... there is plenty to like about 2.5% in a savings account. Do you place ING or Ally Bank in the same grouping with Everbank? By the way, I also have had enough of SHY as well. The NAV moves have devoured the yield.

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      • SHY continues dropping as recovery looks more likely and people shift from treasuries to equities. Today's drop is indicative. I too have seen the paltry yield almost wiped out by the drop in market price. I will hold on through today to qualify for the next dividend and plan to cut my position way back. I may now start averaging in to a high dividend stock fund like ADVDX. // I was unaware of Ally Bank but will take a look. Everbank seems sound but frankly I am relying on the FDIC insurance for any funds placed there. They have a 3-month teaser rate of 3% for deposits up to $50k. After 3 months, the yield drops to 1.8%. I will then look for other opportunities.

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