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  • kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Nov 6, 2012 1:05 PM Flag

    I am long......However....

    I feel this company may have potential due to marketing and endorsements from athletes....not due to their science. Yes, they could have a five hour energy - like, success....but that is yet to be seen. When they started throwing out claims regarding enhancing the pharmaceutical industries delivery mechanism...they lost a lot of credibility. They would have to endure the tedious and lengthy process of FDA trials and requirements before making or demonstrating such claims. I hold numerous biotechs....if it were only that easy.

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    • 1) Endorsements mean nothing without a product.
      2) Energy drinks are a saturated market.
      3)They are NOT "throwing out claims". They are reporting ACTUAL RESULTS of the clinical study.
      4) On FDA, they are not introducing any new medicines or chemical compounds, only a delivery method, so I would think, and this is ust my opinion, that the approval process would be minimal at best.
      The real payoff will come when the M&A team comes in with either investment partners or a buyout of the technologies. Your thoughts?

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      • Um, no, i am long in mnkd, an actual biotect trying to get an insulin inhaler approved. FDA has said no 2 times already, hoping 3rd time is the charm. Anyone who owns biotechs knows nothing is easy with FDA, haha...if it were we'd all be millionaires several times over lol@!

      • Do you think that Tiger Woods would actually put his name in something that didn't have the potential of succeeding big time.
        This stock has the potential of making many people very wealthy.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Their staff is filled with #$%$ degree marketing backgrounds only (nothing wrong with that), for a marketing company. They always refer to a scientific staff. There are no PH.D's or MD's listed on the management team or Board from their home site.
        Their so called clinical trials are very vague and under powered for statiscal relevance. The sample size and trial designs are weak. No pharmaceutical company will advocate the use of this product for the enhancement of delivery without a credible trial against the active drug with placebo.
        As for the saturation of the energy drink market, there is always room for another competitor with a new niche. A 5% market share in a multibillion dollar industry translates into huge revenues, especially for a start up company. Yes, I do believe there is potential, but as of YET, not based on science and more on marketing. Also, I agree, the product must be marketable and consumer driven with repeat purchases. JMHO

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