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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 May 15, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    Berry Blast trial

    Switched to Berry Blast this week. After two days it works as advertised. This product seems to be a great boost as you enter into the early to mid afternoon work groove. The taste is great too. it has a berry taste that leans more toward red raspberry. Both product work great and you do not have to load up on Gatorade to take a shot of 5-hour. This is definitely the trend in our future and it will catch fire with users this summer.

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    • It is only 3 vials per box @ about 8.99. A little expensive, but not more expensive I suppose than 5 hr energy. They should come out with boxes of more than 3 vial servings.

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      • 3 vials at $7.99. Your comparison is a little lame. To compare a new technology with more efficient delivery with 5-hour energy or even Gatorade is just not on point. Fuse represents an entire new method and delivery. Only one drop is needed vs one ounce shot because the Fuse product is delivered via tongue membranes, 5-hour requires delivery through our stomach and that takes over 80x longer than Fuse. So there is a price difference for two reasons; technology and after delivery. On the later, faster delivery means more immediate application to a workout or event. When you consider all of the important factors it is quite a remarkable product. it is not for everyone. Some will be happy with Gatorade. Some will be happy with 5 hour. but the savvy person will jump on Fuse products for sure. Another way to think of it is the Fuse products over one week of use - assuming 6 days of activity will cost approximately $16. What are the other options and how effective are they? I will be done with my workout before Gatorade kicks in. There is little doubt - Fuse is the superior product.

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