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  • italiatlt italiatlt Aug 1, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Shares will remain under $.10 for the foreseeable future...

    way too many shares under $.10 for sale by the warrant holders and about 70 million more shares are about to hit the market when Fuse forces conversion of the A holders like they did to the B holders. Yes I know they needed the cash but as long as investors know Fuse will need another $4-5 million shares are dead money. It is not a matter of if but when. They said this on their call and in many press releases. I spoke with IR last month on the B conversion and they did not sound very positive. They also said that it was nearly 100% certain they will need the $4-5 million soon. They can't market the products and stock Walgreen's. They have major cash flow issues and a unknown product portfolio. They can't afford to pay these athlethes to help market. Market costs will remove any cash flow or earnings thus forcing A warrant conversion increasing TSO by 70 million plus. All you have to do is call IR like I did and they will tell you the same thing...

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    • gibberish

    • AMENDMENT NO. 2 TO FORM S-1, May 22, 2013

      March 2013 Financing;

      “Series B Warrants,” and together with the Series A Warrants, the “2013 Warrants”) at a purchase price of $2,050,000 '..

      which translates into today's price trend,, for the A warrants,, to 1 million dollars,, worth of share,, IF the A warrants have not already converted,, and other wise,, IF there was some type of forced conversion,, 70 million shares? seriously,, for warrants that are only 1 million bucks and toss out as you said,, ANOTHER 70 mil shares?? That's not happening,, you've got your stories mixed up,, this is not a 4 million bucks thing, A and B warrants are 1 million bucks per group

      And currently what you've done, is mixed up the B warrant that exercised recently, and of,, why they also said,, it reduced the debt, which also lower the interest expenses on the original note, ,, with an A conversion and got the original march announced 70 shares registration twisted into thinking that 70 million number is the A warrants . ..


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      • You obviously did't read the S-1 or you would know that you are confusing the A and B warrants. The B holders were a small distribution of roughly 12 million shares priced under $.10 wich equates to les than $1 million which won't even pay salaries for the year. They forced conversion to raise the capital which was needed to keep the lights on and stock shelves at WAG's. This ws not a full roll out because they are cash strapped. The A holders are roughly 60 smillion shares and if they receive the same pricing as the B holders then it's roughly a $4 million raise. You need to brush up on your math skill kid and get your facts straight. That will get them to the supposed $5 million needed as mentioned on the CC and the PR.

        You: why they also said,, it reduced the debt, which also lower the interest expenses on the original note"
        You really think that forcing conversion on all 70 plus million shares will matter to the interest exp reduction on the income statement when they dilute by nearly a 30% increase in the float then I can't help you any more...

        The bigger question you should be asking yourself is can and will Fuse execute once they receive the funds from the fourced A holders because it's coming - mark this post.

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    • and thanks for the info,,,,see you later.

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    • So, you're telling me,, that you called the IR and he told you that they'll be dumping 70 million share and force A warrant holders?

      OK, why I'm I not buying this?? 1st IR's hardly know but poop.. and 2nd,, far more 'exvlusive' would be, if an IR told you this,, before any news report, he's just lost his job,, and either running for the hills,, or applying for a job at a used car lot.. or,, OR you;'re talking spit.

      So, please to tell me that when the people whom you've put on notice to call and confirm, the IR, is gonna be there to answer,, or,, which car lot is he working at now?


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      • why don't you call and ask how they plan to raise the additional $4 million needed instead of doubting what I did. Very simple... Also they are on record stating they will need an additional $4-5 million to keep going. How do you suppose they raise money? Sell Drops? ha. Ask Tiger? Ha. Bank loan? ha. Maybe you have the money they seek since you are sooo smart! ha

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    • Maybe they will be able to secure other financing now that they have the Walgreens contract and just won the best product award from retailers.
      So maybe they won't need to force the A warrant holders to convert..

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      • keep the time the started selling enough drops to float the operation they would be bankrupt. I would say that is they can't force the A holders raising $4 million then game over. Even if they raise the $4 million what do you actually think the odds are that they succeed? Do you really want to take that bet? 90% of most start-up compaines fail...If they can't get the product out, start selling on the $4 million raise, no one will be willing to buy their convert. debt again....

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