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  • scorpioseventyseven scorpioseventyseven Aug 20, 2013 1:19 AM Flag

    Article I Found


    Is DROP the subject of a Pump & Dump? Let's see.
    As stated earlier, DROP has been promoted within four separate email campaigns. Three of those campaigns took place (one is still taking place) over extended periods of time and were conducted by Direct Global Media, the publisher of the Xtreme Picks, Our Hot Stock Picks and Punter Stock Picks newsletters. While Direct Global Media occasionally gets paid for their promotion services, they (or their masters) are famous for acquiring stock on the cheap from insiders (which may include financiers) of the companies they promote, and then selling that stock into the hype they create at a nice markup. (You didn't really think that those promotions were not of a benefit to Direct Global, did ya?) One of Direct Global's prolonged promotions over the summer of 2012, regarded Aerius International, Inc. (AERS). We have strong evidence that the stock that was dumped onto to the market during that campaign was acquired directly from AERS President Bill Luxon, who is involved in prolonged battles with key shareholders for control of the company. As Direct Global Media claims it has not been compensated for its promotions of DROP, we expect that discounted stock was also acquired from some insider ahead of the promotion. We don't know whom that person(s) may be, but we find it interesting that the first promotion of DROP began when the stock was still trading under the symbol DEGH, shortly after the reverse merger with Fuse Science was first announced.
    A one day email campaign was also conducted by newsletter, Shazam Stocks, on October 22, 2012. Within their disclaimer, and as required by SEC regulation, Shazam revealed that, "We expect to be compensated by a third party fifteen thousand dollars for profile coverage of DROP". Can anybody think of a reason to pay for a one day promotion if it is not for the purpose of dumping stock?
    As could easily be predicted, the various DROP promotions were not kind to the general public. T

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