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  • risky_rewards risky_rewards Apr 11, 2007 8:41 PM Flag

    NOSGX - Anyone out there??

    Hello? Are there any other NOSGX investors out there?? This message board is pretty lame...I bought NOSGX and ADVDX last month. ADVDX has a lot of activity on their message board but not so much here.

    Please, somebody post something here!!

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    • Checking out some of the parts of the fund leaves allot of questions.

      1) I researched some of it's investments parts. SKYW, which is substantially part of it's top (10) would I would not invest in, is a Ski Resort and amusements with a considerable loss, , MPS is a consultant company since 1992 and appears to have some financial issues, as does BHE whose income has drastically declined income. These represent (3) of top (10 and, in my opinion, not impressive of it's portfolio.

      Morning star rates is three stars. The fund has 31% of it's funds in "Financials" and they are taking a terrific hit right now.

      Should we stay? I don't think so. Pulling out. Good Luck

    • I'm here. Bought this stock a couple months ago. Still waiting to see something happen. An excellant market like this and this stock is flat. Fin Consult says to stay it is good? Comments?

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      • Hey Motorcity, yeah I'm still here too...I bought NOSGX under 17 so I'm still waiting to see if the next leg up goes to 20. I am getting tired of this sideways trading.

        You might want to check out ADVDX. 13% yield, wicked good dividend capture strategy (6 per year as opposed to 4) and no crazy fees. I use scottrade, so I don't know what your finance guy would charge. Check it out.

        Still holding onto NOSGX!! Good luck.

    • I bailed on this arf arf long ago. I moved out of AVPAX and into NOSGX in a rebalancing in January - what a regret since AVPAX is now closed. I have now bought GABSX instead.

    • Ok. I am looking at investing in this. Any recommendations? Highly recommended but I still doing D&D to determine

    • Hang in there with NOSGX.
      They did not start out on the best foot this year. But as you can see it has an excellent history, great management and about as steady an 'eddie' as you can get in a SCV fund. You won't be sorry.
      I am sorry that I dumped PREOX (Perritt Microcap) at the end of last year. It had a bit of lackluster performance and now this year it's like a rocket. Would have offset the performance of NOSGX thus far. But I think NOSGX will catch up to the pack as the year passes. It's never stellar, but it's consistent, which is what I like.
      There will probably never be the activity for NOSGX here as for high dividend or large cap funds. Don't know if you frequent Morningstar, but you don't need a membership to access their discussion boards. Just enter the symbol in the
      "search conversation" box- lots of talk and history about NOSGX. best wishes.

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