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  • axdgigo axdgigo Oct 20, 2004 11:42 AM Flag

    Bush Might Have Been Wrong!!!!

    Kerry`s against gouging the tax payer with absurdly inflated military contracts.
    Just like the Halliburton contracts.

    The bottom line here is.Bush would rather line the pockets of his big business pals and beat down the average american.

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    • haliburton is the only company equiped to do a lot of the defense work

      just ask the clinton admin that awarded them no bid contracts long before 2000

      twis and lie all you want, why do you not mention johnny boys friends at the dig??? you do know what that is right??? original cost 1 billion, now it is many many billions of federal taxpayers money going to sleazy contractors?? with no end in sight?? thanks teddy and johnny

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      • <<<<<By: allknowenbowen
        Date: 10/20/04 11:46 am

        haliburton is the only company equiped to do a lot of the defense work>>>>

        Do NOT let your ignorance guide you. Brown and Root (the Halliburton Arm that was awarded the contract) is a very small contractor when compared to Bechtel or Flour. Bechtel and Flour are the largest Engineering and Construction companies in the World. There are other non-American contractors that could have also done the work. Santa Fe Engineering and Construction, RMK-BRJ, Morrison Knudsen, Peter Kiewit, Washington Construction, are bigger than Brown and Root in terms of dollar sized contracts. For food services, Hilton, Host and Marriot are all mush larger than Brown and Root.

        The Bush/Cheney team brought Halliburton in to work on the details before the contract was even prepared. It is a common practice of contractors to try to work on the project for NO CHARGE to stack the deck in their favor when the contract is let for bid. Bush/Cheney didn�t even let others try to bid on the work.

        Bush/Cheney lied to the American people and you just haven't figured it out yet.

      • Halliburton is like Professor Irwin Correy, the world's formost expert.

        It's more closely related to Manpower, Inc. than it is to an expert in anything. They get contracts, then buy companies, and then sub-contract the work to the same people who were considered unqualified to bid.

        Halliburton is the government's Tier 1 supplier.

      • <<<<<By: allknowenbowen
        Date: 10/20/04 11:46 am

        haliburton is the only company equiped to do a lot of the defense work>>>

        By the way, the largest "defense contractors" in the world are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop. I have never seen Halliburton even listed as a defense contractor, they are an oil field contractor. Halliburton�s largest revenue dollars are in Oil Field services, pipeline design and construction, and Refinery design and contraction.

      • Hallubrton sub-contracts many of these jobs.

        Like feeding the soldiers.That`s a far cry from oil.

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