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  • lost_flip lost_flip Jan 15, 2005 11:02 AM Flag

    UAW is not ruining Ford

    Poor Ford management is. Blaming the UAW for the current troubles is short sighted. The UAW was around when the company made record profits in the late 1980's and late 1990's, so it is possible to have a successful company with a union. No one put a gun to Ford's head to sign the UAW contracts. At least GM took a hard line in the mid-1990's to get their union issues under control. It cost GM $2 billion, but the long term gains improved the labor cost. Ford has never shown the balls to force these issues with the UAW (ie Visteon labor deal).

    The UAW is not going anywhere, so the Ford bulls rage should be focused at management and other cost issues such as health care and penions liability. I know that most people here are conservatives, but the gov't will have to do something about the health care cost of big U.S. companies like Ford or they will never be able to comptete globally.

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    • How can you afford a LS working at McDonalds? They must be paying a lot these days. It must really bug you that I can put together a thought with insulting someone.


      did you mean you can put together a thought
      withOUT insulting someone?

      and I wouldn't even buy a mcd's let alone eat there, who the hell eats that crap?

      I did pump gas in highschool though, and delivered pizzas
      during college (74 :-) GTO), 43 dollars commission, 30 dollars gas, and 4/hr, I do a little better than that today.

      also I luv my v8 sport my only complaint
      is that they didn't give me a battery.
      And it didn't cost much at all, but I guess it's all relative.

    • How can you afford a LS working at McDonalds? They must be paying a lot these days. It must really bug you that I can put together a thought with insulting someone.

      If you could read, you would see that I actually like the car. My only complaint is front room storage, I carry more to work than just a McDonalds hat, so I need the room.

      Have fun being angry at the world. I just hit ignore on you, so don't bother. There are too many other Ford bulls here that I would rather converse with. You can save your immature rants for one of the Ford bears that have the same IQ.

    • I think your a complete liar, I'd mentioned
      that I own an LS, and I love it. I hate the
      back seat space, the front is of no concern
      what so ever to me or my 6'4'' brother, this
      is why I think your a liar.

      it is a 285hp variable valve v8 sport, that
      has great front, and probably equal too slightly
      less than norm, for it's class rear seat room.
      for you to talk the way you do, is the ONLY
      reason I think your a liar, I don't know you
      and could care a less about you, but when you
      say something like this, you come off as a
      typical stupid SHORT moran...

    • I owned a very early build 2000 LS. Lovely car no doubt. Some serious issues however. The headlights were replaced 3 times each due to condensation. The a/c compressor died. The "clunk" you heard were probably the front swaybar links which needed replacement (twice). The rear window regulators are weak and if you don't run those windows up and down at least once a month, the regulators break because the windows stick (at least in hot West Texas). Dealer "flashed" the PCAM and vastly improved the transmission shift quality.

      All this under warranty. After 50,000 miles and without extended warranty, I traded it. I just didn't feel comfortable enough with the car to take chances.

      Saw the car New Year's Eve, a young hispanic couple own it - and evidently got a ghastly set of huge chromed wheels put on for Christmas. I wish them well.

    • > Ya think I'd like a Lincoln LS?

      Or should I stick to Plan A and get a new Mustang convertible?
      I had a 2000 and a 2003 LS. Both were the V8 version. Nice ride, handled well. For the money, it is a great buy. My only two concerns are with the transmission and interior space, especially the front. The tranny always seemed to downshift when I punched it causing the car to jerk. As a luxury car I expected it to be smoother. Also it made a clunk noise from time to time, which doesn't bode well for long term ownership. The front interior lacks storage space. It's a lot better than the 2000 version, but with all the stuff I carry with me, a little more room would be nice.

      Plus I think the LS is going away in 2007.

    • Oh damn. Wasn't that to be the supercharger Thunderbird? Oh well.

    • wait for a big hp rag top

    • Yeah, nothing like a Ford.

      I have a dilemma, though. Help me, folks. Especially you, Fly.

      As you know, I'm a Mustang aficianado, now driving my fourth one. But I was on a mini-vacation in Florida recently, and had a new Volvo S80 rental from Hertz. I really liked the leather, the dual-zone climate control, the sunroof, even the windshield wipers on the headlamps... even though I really wanted a Mustang 'vert on the trip. I liked the Volvo, and if the rear wheels pushed the car, I'd be very interested in owning one. (Yes, I'm anti-front-wheel-drive.) Ya think I'd like a Lincoln LS?

      Or should I stick to Plan A and get a new Mustang convertible?

    • Absolutely.

      I was laughing at the humor for humor's sake :)

    • Ah, but it's true, Cray.

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