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  • greatday43 greatday43 Feb 18, 2005 7:04 PM Flag

    Titan and Tundra

    Reality set in months ago on the Titan. Never met sales projections, period. Toyota finally upgraded the Tundra enough to make it about 95% full sized.

    With Dodge set to introduce the Mega Cab, everyone else is behind all over again. LOL I look for the next big sales war fought over cab size. Count on it.

    I love the new Honda Ridgeline being called a
    "chickup". "Cute" features and all.


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    • trd. built for short guys with napolean complexes. why be a wannabe, get a real truck. ford, chev, gmc, dodge have the lion share of market. japanese share is a meow. ford f series (150, 250, 350 +++) and e series (150, 250 , 350, conversions) have huge market share!
      no one has a large van that can compete well with ford. that part of market is practically cornered by ford. put chev & gm together on pickup and they nearly equal ford. dodge is distant third. best vehicle i ever owned was a ford space cab 150 with a 302fi and 4 x 4 with limited slip fore and aft. built for the road ahead? you better believe. dirt, mud, snow, highway, city - excellent. dd imo

    • I used to call the chick style pushups, like cleo, and gregent do, chickups.

      you know where they have their knees on the ground vice toes.

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