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  • mercouger99 mercouger99 Mar 4, 2005 8:54 AM Flag

    good day to buy more (f)


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    • I lavish in nothing. I attained my wealth through strategic acts of frugality and implementing/adhering to capitalistic principles. It's something I learned from my grandparents - you know, that generation we call the greatest. If it worked for them... Basically, I play the hand delt - I don't whine about it. My destiny is self determined. And, on the contrary, I do care. I agree that I have to work too hard to make a life for myself and my family. Government gets in my way every day. I take it out on them twice a year at the ballot box and on April 15th.

    • You're preaching to the choir. Questions sometimes can't be made too simple. Apes can be taught sign language, but they can also be hit with a bat to get them to stop playing with their poo.

    • All I want is a level playing field.
      We had that at one time in America until our government sold us all out. We had a system that worked for everyone in this country. Why was it necessary to change the rules in the middle of the game and screw American Companies and workers for the benefit of foreign governments and foreign Companies. Take a look at he national debt. Take a look at what money is owed to America that we have not seen nor will ever see paid back.
      It all comes out of your pocket but folks like you are too comfortable lavishing in a moments glory to care.

    • Unions haven't bargained since the Taft-Hartley Act was passed. They coerce, blackmail and intimidate. Either directly or indirectly, they threaten work stoppage or slowdowns to get what they want.

      Besides, what would they do with all their "Buy American" and "Your US Flag clashes with your Foreign Car" bumper stickers? Sounds to me like the epitome of hypocrisy to me!

    • We have done well. We defeated slavery, we encouged France to become a democracy, we beat the NAZI'S and the Japanies x2. We have been a light to the world. We have not been perfect but gave it a good try. Lets not lose it. F STRONG BUY

    • ...because there are labor laws that cover the bulk of the issues that unions were created to cure... but now it is about getting a peice of the action on american corporations back for doing little more than manipulating a entire labor force....

    • >>>Very reasoned, logical statement. No hint of passion, anger or paranoia whatsoever. If the Japanese companies are so evil, why is the UAW trying to damned hard to organize them? <<<

      because the UAW is evil, get it.

      now the workers are not evil, the leadership of the uaw is evil, period.

      for gods sake, the uaw wants open borders, so they can unionize illegals, holy F'n crap, if that isn't the most bizare reasoning I've ever heard in my life, I'm at a loss for words on this one....
      Lou Dobbs interviewed a uaw chimp, and you could see LD just nashing his teeth while interviewing that ape.

    • Why not, makes their bargaining power greater.
      that's what unions do.

    • I believe in a meritocracy. If someone of Japanese heritage can manage us better, I say go right ahead. We haven't done so great on our own, what with our trillions and trillions of dollars in debt.

    • nor I, you :-)

      again in trillions of debt, when did this happen? did we go to zero debt recently, and then pop back up to trill's. when I wasn't looking?

      and yes toyletta is on a roll, nissan almost went under, and are themselves making a come back. F will too.

      probably the biggest problem with this country is unions, and the left in general.
      they like to tax everything, and then sue it to death, of course you have to regulate the hell out of it before the lawsuits can achieve any traction.

      then we are all amazed when corp's take there factories elsewhere. It seems that the only thing that is made in the US are products that can be processed in huge quantities with very little labor. once labor comes into play, it's overseas, why? do you think it is because CEO's like to make their lives even more complicated: dealing with foreign gov's, rules, shipping, communications; hell no, they do it because the f'n left is out of control.

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