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  • djc1djc1 djc1djc1 Apr 11, 2005 2:06 PM Flag

    Do lawyers really suck?

    the president can't do shit, the congress does everything dumb ass.

    now here's your answer idiot, read it and and learn: "contract with a america".

    clinton said the budget couldn't be safely balanced in less than 11 years, then it became 10, then 8, then 6, the 4, then it was balanced, and morons like you think he did it.

    the biggest reason was the dot bomb balloon years, huge capital gain taxes etc...

    and clinton did sign NAFTA, he didn't write any of it, but he signed it.
    On the other hand though, Dems can take full credit for placing china in north america (cus I keep hearing NAFTA and china in the same sentence), I plan to bike there someday :-)

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