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  • capitalist_vulture capitalist_vulture Apr 12, 2005 6:26 PM Flag

    WHO Wants the Mexicans in the USA ?

    Take a Guess. Poor People ?

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    • fact that the reasons that illegal immigration is an "issue" for americans is racism and xenophobia. plain and simple. if the people coming over the border illegally were light complected and spoke english then illegal immigration would be a nuisance issue at best, relegated to an occasional blurb in the right wing media.

      in reality, illegal immigration is a very minor issue. the completely-out-of-touch-with-reality, entitled, and yes, closeted-racist people on this board who in one breath state what a colossal problem illegal immigration is, and in the next breath are at an utter loss to explain with any precision why they feel that way, need to look at their morbidly obese faces in the mirror, choke in a little air through their fat-lined larynx, and repeat the following words: "i have no substantial problems in my life. that is why i am a racist xenophobe with nothing better to do than foment hatred for people who do jobs that i am too lazy to do."

    • i might be simpler to just annex mexico. that way they would be legal.

    • I forget you pay SS tax, Medicare tax, you may not be able to use the system when you get old and need them unless you are convert to legal later on. That is why illegal like to do the cash deal.

    • Let me educate yours. If you are non-US citizen or permant resident, you are only allow the itemized deduction(not Married Filed Jointly, not Head of Household, not Single). The deduction usually less than Singal standard deduction if you have no mortgage interest deduction or big local tax to pay.

      You can't claim you kids if they are living aboard. Even they are live in US, you are not qualified for Earn Income Credit(EIC) and Education credit.

      Indeed, they are second class in term of tax code.

    • >illegals file returns (with what are called tax id numbers) mostly to get a refund, or to take advantage of tax credits given by us morons to those who make anchor babies, pretty funny huh?
      Non US citizen should file 1040 NR form which disallow the standard deduction. You can only itemized. Usually that is a bid disvantage if you are not make a lot of money and pay for the mortagage, etc. Also it disallows the earn income credit if you are low income and have child to support. A lot of inner city low income family can claim up to 4 to 5 thousands back. You may fill up the form to claim back the social seucirty tax if you wish and someone teach you how to do it since you are tax with no benefits. I did that several years back. Don't know it still process it now.

    • A) Who says we only have 10 million illegal immigrants?

      B) The $50 billion figure was from "other than legal" which does not necessarily mean "illegal." It could include people who are here legally, but wrote down the wrong SS number.

      C) I'm not a social security actuary; ask them. They're the ones who did the accounting.

    • Sorry about the snippy first reply to you. I assumed you were just another basher like rjemson/lost_flip.

      You have to promise to work hard at the company to increase my investment!

    • Actually I am not lonely and I am not bashing...I work at Ford and am currently in an income fund watching the stock trend down from $13.50. I expected that the guidance would cause the stock to trend down especially over the summer if oil prices spike as T. Boone Pickens said they would...Not a basher but I am hoping to buy the shares cheaper! Besides that, who could be lonely ? I have you to talk with ...your worth talking to arn't you? The focus and the escape hyrid = two, the rest are not on the road yet.

    • Escape Hybrid along with a total of five or six hybrids within a year or so ... Ford has a better hybrid/alt.fuel program than anyone else.

      You sound very lonely and desperate in your pathetic bashing :).

    • This has been a good dialogue but more important to F stock is why hasn't F developed more fuel efficient vehicles to compete with honda, toyota, and nisson? I see so many foreign cars ( definition: foreign meaning that the bulk of the contribution margin on vehicles sold goes to another country for investment) that even Fords most recent prospectus shows declining market share. How can anyone expect F stock to accrue if it has to combat declining market share? World wide market share in 2002 = 6,973 (thous) versus 6,798 (thous) in 2004 (page 20, 2004 annual report).

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