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  • evertrue20022002 evertrue20022002 Apr 26, 2005 6:16 PM Flag

    Owners of Ford stock

    Has'nt this been an absolute nightmare? Now what do you do? I'll tell you what you do. You ride it down to a piece of shit, or you hang in, and hope Ford management will bring this stock back from chump change to a meaningful stock value. And tell Ford management, in the meantime, to stick their bonuses up their ass. They haven't done a damn thing to help this company of late. Oh, They might respond and say they're doing great things. Well, if you own Ford stock, you know those punks are just that. Punks. Smart, I concede. They know how to rake in the millions. It's easy when you have the power. But the average investor? Well, well, well. Who cares? Come on Bill Ford Jr.What have you done as the controller of this company lately for those average Ford stock shareholders. Not much. Right? But they're supposed to support you and the product. Have you talked to anybody lately? Maybe I missed it.

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    • excellent post...not bashing, just giving an honest heads up...IBD has some features that I really miss...I just hate getting their paper a day late...makes me feel like I'm behind the curve!

    • Im not sure it *has* to work, and surely America won't die, it will just redefine itself. The stock could flatline for years. Ford isn't going away, but it's not overtaking it's competition either, and it and GM has been a drag.

      Yes, you could trade the tight range. But there is increasing risk there too without buyers. Shorts have great confidence sitting on this to 8 or even 7 I think. I know you know Ford and there is a comfort level in that for you. But who is to say Ford can't fall back to the lows a few years ago and just sit there if even more money goes elesewhere? Without something driving this this company's finacials, that's a real possibility.

      It's best to stay focused on the core fundamentals: 1. Marketshare; 2. Revenues; 3. Margins; and 4. Debt reduction.

      Want to know a real good way to see if interest is coming back to F? Pick up a copy of Investors Business Daily every now again and look at the Accumulation(buying)/Distribution(selling) columns on F and watch for a sustained positive shift in accumulation. Until that happens, there is little chance you'll see any breakout above major resistance.

      There is money to be made in this market, you just have to be in the right place and be patient, but also be willing to move when a company hits a slippery slope. Ford has been on that slope for several years now and is seen just be looking at the chart. We all have been guessing where it may get it's footing over the last few years. But I'm really not sure it can under these conditions. Something very big has to change. This stock has been under heavy distrubtion and who knows when or if those sellers come back?

      Good luck.

    • thanks, still doing therapy, busting up trigger points> hurts like hell, but have to get them out of the way before doing any strength stuff. i would like ford gm and the rest list a job discription of all top mgmt> showing what they are responsible and accountable for> bet they would have a tuff time doing that

    • Ski, we're past the point of a leader. Remember, Bill Ford was supposed to step in. Started with a few commercials with close ups of him talking about Ford's family legacy. You know how long that skit lasted. Old Bill faded from sight after that. For all I know he's spearing aluminum cans on Rte 94 for a hobby. The guy never showed his face after that skit. Take it for what it's worth. I'm willing to make one more play with Ford. One time and probably the last time. I'm thinking of riding this pony one more time. But I'll tell you what. These pricks better start performing. Ski, my man, you have a good one. Take care of that back. Your buddy, ET.

    • that was and is a swift move, can't buy that kind of pr

    • Like you say, April is tough. Ford better do good numbers.

    • just wonder who set the agenda and if others just go along to get along fearing being labeled a non team player. need people there who don't give a shit to speak up again and again. will beat a team player every time

    • big concern for me is april sales, has to beat by a good margin< even or behind stock takes a hit.only way i would add to my 8.45 avg is to lower many others doing good and paying big dividends> not science to tell me where to put money at this point.

    • You're probably right. Look at Toyota with their CEO talking brass about considering raising price of their autos. How strong can you feel? And saying they would do it to keep Domestics alive. Goodbye, American auto buyer. Get your Toyotas while their hot. Don't worry about the price. Right? Got to be good.

    • Would'nt that be nice? :>D. Maybe dickhead can take some pointers if he reads this.

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