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  • woodydewar woodydewar Feb 11, 2006 9:41 AM Flag

    Have you driven a Ford lately?

    Not me! My last Ford had so many maintenance problems, I traded it in on a Chevy. Before that, I had another Ford. It was a Taurus, which cost more in repairs than my monthly payments. Warranty? What a joke! The Ford service department never fixes anything right. If you take your car to Ford for service, you'll be back. No wonder Ford stands for Fix Or Repair Daily! If I would have bought a Toyota Camary instead of the Taurus, I'd still be driving it today, and I wouldn't have experienced the poor quality of Ford vehicles and service departments.

    That's why this stock is down 75% from a year ago. Consumers don't want to pay $500 monthly payments for a piece of crap that will be worthless when they try to trade it in 3 years from now. Nope, there stuck with that lemon for 5 years until their montly payments run out. By then, the POS will need over $2000 in repairs.

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    • 210,000 miles on a fckin pos bronco. one clutch.
      I own an 04 dodge truck also and the dealership crap, Dodge is the same. I can't even take mine to the dealer for service because they are so bad, I currently am looking for some service work. There is a Chrysler dealership where they sell the Chrysler brand and I am thinking of taking the truck there.
      I rode in a F150 4 door loaded with options to the Raider game last year. Rode like a fckin dream, way nice truck. If you wanna use a truck as a truck, ford is way out in front as #1. Truck as luxury I'd say Ford and now Dodge are neck and neck.

    • Someone mentioned the crappy Ford Aspire. It was a little car imported from Korea 10 years ago. A comedian said it was the most ironically named car - no one would ever aspire to own an Aspire.

    • My bad. I,of course, thot he was talking about Fiestas, Fords answer to the VW Rabbit. I am not really down on ford products. There are enough folks out there that are willing to buy fords under any circumstances, that they wont go BRPTY. Ford is such an American Icon that if the Arabs could fly a plane into it they would. I am just wondering if it is time yet to buy back into the stock. Last time I bot in the 7's I made $10 a share on it.

    • When my daddy drove off the lot with his two year old used car with under 30K miles he started saving for the next two years hence. "Let the other guy take the depreciation hit". I buy new but I still pay cash. Paying that $500 a month makes you a victim. You have to save the value of one car. After that it is easier.

    • At least their share of the truck market is healthy, for now...

    • Another bullshit story. Only twice in nearly 40 years have I ever felt dealer service was not good. Once with Toyota 30 years ago and once with Nissan about 20 years ago.

      Ford and GM service remains exceptional for me and my vehicles.

      I use an independent for routine oil/filter changes and Discount Tire for routine rotation and balance work. All work is recorded and documented.

      All this complaining continues to strike me as nothing more than pure smelly bullshit. Write some "non-fiction" like James Frey.

    • talbert744 Feb 11, 2006 9:52 AM Flag

      look dipshit, if you don't like fords go away to the toyota board or better yet move to japan. i worked for the company for 30 years and have always bought there products. mainly trucks since 1980, i sold my 1st truck 3 years later for more than i paid. also my 1976 fiesta, more than i paid. so go somewhere else and "whine" ford will be back, but hopefully you won't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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