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  • iluvamuffin Aug 24, 2006 2:58 PM Flag

    Union Haters

    I'm definitely not a union hater however I would like to respond to your situation at the moment. Your company is in trouble at this particular time and needs your help, you have two choices yes or no (on the help issue), if you choose to help it may save you an awfull lot in the long run. If you should choose not to help at this moment in history you stand to lose a lot. If you should doubt that look at the airlines. Some helped enough some didn't. It doesn't matter who put your company in this position, whether it be bad management, goverment or just the overall competition and economy you still would be very smart to help them by this situation looking for better times down the road.

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    • Should the unions help, sure but there is more. Last night (TV) they talked about pension reform, expensing options etc., bottom line appeared to be companies have to 2010 or 15 ,(don't recall) to correct the lies. Also stated the gov is making exceptions for auto and airlines the 2 biggest. All I am saying if you believe it is only the unions and not colusion with the gov. (Dems and Reps) you are being led right down the path to living in a 3rd world country which unfortunately will encompass the entire planet.

    • republicansarenotchristians republicansarenotchristians Aug 24, 2006 7:04 PM Flag

      Management never helps the company.They always push pay cuts and benefit cuts on labor, low and mid level management. upper management level never takes a pay decrease, almost invaribly takes pay increase along with package increase, look at Delphi, perfect example of all the blame is labor, push the pay cuts on the workers and turn around and increase all your upper level management pay packages.

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