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  • spades_falcon spades_falcon Sep 12, 2006 1:04 PM Flag



    Your post is a flagrant example what is wrong with this country and the good evil war that is taking place between the two parties...You and your democratic party have lost all morality when it comes to our founding fathers..How dare you invoke the American revolution you pissant..
    Our FOUNDING FATHERS, these great men and women who helped consult, debate and finally agree on our United States constitution, were men of great strength, conviction and MORALITY...230 + years ago when the constitution was written, there was alot of FACTS that were simply taken for granted in this the most wonderful of documents...First.. The only reason why the constitution did not say marriage was between a man and a woman was because those great men never in their wildest imaginations thought one day you and the democratic party would twist it to now include men marrying men and woman marrying woman..Simply put, it was just obvious that marriage meant one man and one women...
    These great men being of a religous and moral sect never in a million years and nor would their wives except or condone taking a 20 week old baby and pulling it out of the cervix of a women enough so the doctor can stick a pair of scissors in the back of his or her brain, twist them and kill the fetus..No sir..The founding fathers NEVER meant for abortion to exist as a form of birth control...Women and men both do have a right to CHOOSE..That right exist before they decide to have sex in a manor that could create the next Einstein or Louis Pastor or so many other wonderful future minds that have been flushed down the toilet in the name of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY's support for abortion....Your party wanted to keep slavery..It was only thru the guts and the willingness to go to war by the republican party and President Lincoln did slavery so rightfully so be abolished...WEll quess what, after 9/11 the republican party once again has led the way to fight this most awful war the country has ever faced and maybe ever will face...Terrorism MUST be defeated and must be fought as a battle on THEIR soil, not OURS...Fox news tells the American public the truth, it tells both sides to EVERY story..Fox does not selectively edit outtakes to make a president look bad like Micheal Moore did a few weeks before a national election...Did not work Moore....He's an abomination and it is very much appropiate you align yourself with that kind of story telling...You people defend Bill Clinton...Everytime you do I am so saddened by your lack of understanding to what he did..It was not about cheating or blow jobs on the white house phone..It was about the character of a man that is the President of the United States...You will never get it..Someone so lacking in character should never be president...You will not regain control of congress and you will wither even more with time...I was a democrat for 25 years...I watched Clinton and the hatred of the party during the 2000 election combined with watching the garbage the liberal colleges were trying to teach my sons.. Add to the fact that Diane Sawyer sat down with little children 12 to 15 that said on national televison that them having oral sex was not sex..It was just a Bill Clinton not sex..Yes sir..It made me switch partys...You be proud of your democratic party, but I have learned thru the times of life it is about moral values and character..I will be very proud of my republican party..I feel sorry for you liberals that so want the rights to protect all perverions in the name of freedom of speech.... You will be in my prayers...God bless you all our troops in harms way...Their families and the United States of America.

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